Features We Expect in iOS 9


iOS 8 Apple’s latest mobile operating platform was launched a few months back and we didn’t get the opportunity to experience this platform yet. iPhone 6 will be powered by iOS 8 and before finally launching iPhone 6 with iOS 8, a number of beta version was launched so as to perfect all features of iOS 8. But that hasn’t stopped the Apple lovers to start speculating about the next generation iOS platform, that is going to come post the release of iOS 8.

ios 9

Here are some features which we would love to see in iOS 9:

Map App

When Apple launched its own Map App, it was undoubtedly a disaster. However, with the consequent releases Apple’s Map App has been improvised but it’s not as efficient as Google Map App. Therefore, we expect that next year we expect an optimized Map App with the ability to provide public direction including road, train and bus. Another feature that we expect in iOS 9’s Map App is the reality view whereby users would be able to see place of public interest on their phone when the user is near to one.


Better Siri

Siri, the famed virtual assistance of Apple is undoubtedly good and for a reason. With the help of Siri users can find out direction quickly without even touching the phone. In iOS 8 Siri has been further improvised. Now it will be possible to activate Siri by saying ‘Hello Siri’. However, Siri is extremely robotic and mechanized and that is where Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistance is ahead of Siri. We would definitely welcome a more humanized Siri in iOS 9.

Customized Widgets

Apple has always wanted to keep its home screen clean and clutter free. Thereby, all the widgets in iOS 8 have been restricted to the notification centre. However, in iOS 9 we want Apple to come up with the feature whereby the users will have the option to customize widgets on the home screen. As a result it will be easier for the users to access the widgets that they use most. To integrate this feature Apple must draw inspiration from Windows mobile operating platform where all the widgets are present on the home screen.

Default Third Party Apps

iPhone users has the freedom to use third party apps, however they cannot make it there default app. The core apps of iOS platform has been segregated and locked away from third party app. Therefore, we are expecting the iOS 9 to come with options whereby we can make third party apps our default application in the iPhone. Moreover, we would love to see Apple opening up APIs to developers so that they can develop alternative apps of the Apple’s own app.

Hide Default Apps

Presently there is no option to hide the unwanted default apps of iOS. However, we would definitely like to see an option in iOS 9 whereby we can at least hide the unwanted apps if not put them in a separate folder altogether. In the Android platform there is an option to put all unwanted app in a single folder with the aid of app drawer. We would love Apple to integrate this feature and our gadget much more personalized.

Better Option Than iTunes

browsing-580-90iOS always comes with iTunes. However, we would be happy to get some more options with iOS 9 as enjoying iOS doesn’t mean that we love iTunes as well.

Include TextEdit and Preview

iOS_9_leakTextEdit and Preview have been the features of MAC platform. So we were expecting that this feature will be also included in iOS 8. However, it didn’t appear in iOS 8. However, even if it would have been included in iOS 8, then it would not have come with editing facility. Users could only view docs stored in iCloud using these two apps. However, we are expecting a fully functional TextEdit and Preview in iOS 9.