Features of OS X Mavericks that Should be Synced in iOS 8


OS X Mavericks which is the tenth version of Apple’s OS was released this year in the month of October. Many innovative changes were introduced in the latest version of this operating system, which has led us to ponder which of these features we want to see in the next iOS. Here is a roundup on which of the advanced features of OS X Mavericks we would like to see in iOS 8.

Better Battery Management


Aninventive addition in OS X Mavericks was the inclusion of an application that can analyse how much batteryis being used by different applications that are running in the computer by simply clicking on a dropdown menu. In that way, the applications that are draining most of the battery can be easily identified and shut down for enhancing the battery life of the gadget. In the next iOS if such a feature is included, then the users can easily identify the apps which areeating away most of the battery and shut them down or uninstall them to ensure a longer battery life.

Better Inter Apps Communication

The OS X Mavericks comes with a much better and user friendly inter app communication. If you are working on a platform and a iMessage comes in, the users can simply click on the pop up and automatically the reply button will appear. Just in case, you reply from there directly the users would not redirected to iMessage. Rather you can reply from the pop up and thereafter close the pop up box. We would definitely want iOS 8 to have this feature because all of us know that is extremely difficult to go back to the original app after replying to the message, phone call or tweets. So iOS 8 must draw inspiration from the OS X Mavericks as far as intercommunication between the apps are concerned.

Improvised Siri


Maverick’s has been integrated with a better Siri whereby the users have the option of downloading the entire file which Siri is going to dictate slowly slowly. Thereafter, the listener can hear to Siri’s instruction without any internet connection. This is much safer as the users do not have to depend on cloud server. This feature must be included in iOS 8 as that would free the users from being dependent on the internet connection for doing local tasks.

Calendar Apps with Travel Time


The Calendar App of Maverick has been updated with a feature whereby the users can calculate the time it will take to travel to a certain place from his or her present location just by tapping on a few instructions that appear on the screen. This feature must be included in iOS 8 so that the users can easily estimate the time while traveling between two destinations.

Unified AirDrop

The AirDrop application was being added in iOS7, which is definitely a good news for those who constantly transfer data amongst different Apple products. However, the bad news is that iOS 7’s AirDrop is not compatible with across all platforms, therefore data cannot be shared from iOS 7 to other platforms. Therefore, we expect in iOS 8 this faulty feature will be corrected to provide us with a better experience.

These are some of the features that we expect to be included in iOS 8 from OS X Mavericks so that the users have a much better experience while using their next iPhone.