FIFA 18: All the Changes That are expected to Come In


Video games have always managed to grab the attention of the people across the world irrespective of age. With every passing day, things are getting much more intense for all who love to play video games. And for the gamers, it is definitely getting much more exciting with the release of the new games that have already taken place or are going to be released in the coming days. This year itself we have a number of releases of video games on the cards. And one of the games that we have in hand which is going to be released is FIFA 18.


FIFA has always been one of the games that have enthralled the gamers across the world. And things are bound to get much more enthralling with the release of the new edition of the game in the FIFA series. FIFA 18 is expected to bring in a number of changes when the release of the game takes place in the month of September. There should not be any confusion regarding the release date of FIFA 18 as it has always been a trend that the games in the FIFA series get released in the month of September. So it won’t be any exception this time round as well for FIFA 18 is surely going to be released in the month of September as well.

It is quite an expectation that FIFA 18 is going to see a number of new additions. Even if there are no new additions, surely we are going to see a number of upgradations. The first and foremost thing that might attract the attention of the gamers across the world is the upgrades that are expected to be made in the gameplay features of the game. The Frostbite engine that has been brought in FIFA 17 has already made the game something really specially. Yet there are few things that need to be upgraded. These upgrades should be brought in the graphics of the game where often players have come across a number of glitches and that will surely make the game even more realistic.

There has been a new demand that can be noticed among the fans of the game in series FIFA. Of late we came across a new kind of celebration in one of the Europa Cup games. The player who did the celebration was Alexandre Lacazette after he had scored a real scorcher. The fans across the world are expecting that this new type of celebration to come in the game FIFA 18. Already we have seen a number of unique celebrations after players score goals. And if this new one gets added to the list of celebration it will undoubtedly make the fans really excited about the upcoming version of the game.

However, all depends on what the developer of the game is thinking about. And we can get a clear indication of that once we arrive at the time of the launch of FIFA 18. But the fans can be assured that it is going to be even better than the already available version of the game.