GIF Only Third Party Keyboard Popkey for iOS 8 Will Change Conversations


iOS 8 will be officially downloadable from tomorrow. The rumors are on halt and users are readying themselves to lose one last sleep.

We’ve discussed almost all iOS 8 features already. Even though there’s virtually nothing new to mention, we get a fascinating news at the last minute that we want to share with our readers.


We’ve said from time and again iOS 8 will offer users an altogether different experience. The newest feather in Apple’s cap will be a hub for exciting apps. Third party keyboard apps are one of many app categories.

Third party keyboards let users install packages so they could enter text in different ways. Swype is such a package. Once the package is installed, users can insert animated GIF instead of normal texts. Popkey is a third party keyboard for iOS 8 and it allows people to send GIF files and emoji style.

PopKey works in a very fascinating manner. The trending GIFs are sorted on the basis of the keywords. Users can tap and insert the GIFs into messages and emails. The keyboard can spice up normal conversations. For example, if your friend asks you if want to go to a movie tonight, you can send him a GIF file instead of a text reply.

The keyboard gives you some special privileges. You can search for GIFs within the keyboard, and even upload your own GIF. You can also have your special GIFs stored in an exclusive tab. The tab can be later accessed by tapping. Third party keyboards are plenty in number, but from the description of Popkey you must have figured out this will be a special keyboard.

Apple has a rich collection of tools to develop a keyboard that could be used to create embedded search widget. Users could take help of the widget to browse and locate animated GIFs. If they want to express something, they can do that in terms of GIFs, instead of words or even smileys. The reason Popkey is not just any GIF keyboard is the plethora of GIFs that it offers users to choose from.

What’s really appealing about Popkey is the opportunity to add new emoji. Emoji are very useful and powerful tools when it comes to communication. However, for an ordinary user it’s quite a troublesome experience to add an emoji to the standard. This could even cause emojis popping up on phones. That’s the reason users prefer third party emoji keyboard. If such a keyboard comes with emoji like GIFs that’s an added advantage.

Experts think the time will come soon when users will refuse to express their thoughts in words, but in animated GIFs. Popkey has correctly anticipated that and dished out users what they need. Now we can see unique self-expressions are making their way to normal conversations.

Regarding the new keyboard experience, Apple said on its website “swipe rather than type, or go old school with the classic keyboard layout. For the first time, iOS 8 opens up the keyboard to developers. And once new keyboards are available, you’ll be able to choose your favorite input method or layout systemwide.”

Popkey has opened one avenue of communication (GIF sharing) to users. Hopefully, new avenues will be found in the forthcoming days.