Google Releases Chrome Update for iOS 8


If we make a list of popular iPhone and iPad apps, one of them would be Google Chrome. Problem is the app’s performance in the iOS ecosystem. The chrome app either crashes or just doesn’t work on iOS 8. Apple claims the iOS 8 beta 2 consists of better compatibility with third party apps. Two of those apps are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, iOS 8 doesn’t have such enhanced compatibility with Chrome.


Observing this, Google has released Chrome for iOS update. The update is chiefly on stability fixes and compatibility with new iOS versions. The blog reads, “The Chrome team is excited to announce a new version of Chrome 35 for iPhone and iPad. Chrome 35.0.1916.41 contains a number of improvements including:

  • Compatibility with new iOS versions

  • Stability and bug fixes”

The blog by Jason Kersey also informs us that the update will be start rolling out in the App Store shortly. Issues that most frequently occur are all available on the support site for Chrome. Kersey asks users to inform Google Chrome team if they come across a new issue.

Chrome has been regarded as the best app on iOS environment by some users. That might have been a hyperbole but Chrome is undoubtedly an excellent browser for iOS users. Besides, as Apple has the voice assistant software Siri, user could save a lot of time while browsing.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of Chrome on iOS;

The chrome app lets users sync across devices. Users can easily open a tab or bookmark a page and access it later from their desktop or Tablet. If you use chrome on iOS, you could browser super fast. Search results will appear on your screen almost immediately. Google voice search will be at your service and you can be at ease while searching for something on-the-go because se you won’t have to type.

Another useful feature of Chrome on iOS is translation. The browser could read web pages in any language. Users can also open multiple tabs and swiftly flips through them. Lastly, they could use the incognito mode and stay completely anonymous.

But users have been complaining that the browser often crashes abruptly causing loss of data. Paying heed to their problem, Google released an update (version: 25.0.1364.86) for Google Chrome on iOS. The update breaks the Chrome Download Manager jailbreak app. Google added jailbreak specific code to iOS without testing, which resulted in crash of the browser if previous crash is reported. Actually the code had a jailbreak detection logic which assumed users had turned the crash report on.

Google’s next Chrome update for iPhone and iPad (version: 25.0.1364.124) fixed this issue for jaibroken iOS devices.

Google’s current update for Chrome has the version number 35.0.1916.41. The comments from readers on the iTunes page shows they are happy with the update. However, those users are not many in number. So we need to wait for few more days to find out if the issues are all fixed this time.

Here’s the link to the iTunes page : Download