A HealthBook Concept for the new iOS 8 shows off before the WWDC 2014


In the coming week, tech giant Apple will be the main focus at is its yearly developer conference at Moscone Center located in San Francisco. The WWDC 2014 as usual will be for Apple numerous developers but it’s expected also to engage its consumer to some extent. During the conference, the firm will be expected to publicize the Mac’s OS X 10.10 as well as iPhone’s and iPad’s iOS 8, two OS updates which have raised speculations for some weeks now.


The OS X10.10 update for Mac expected to present a major fix among its users, while the iOS8 will likely maintain the iOS 7 design but offer new features such as the HealthBook application.

The iOS 8 is speculated to have the HealthBook application that very much resembles the Passbook. However, instead of keeping track of loyalty cards and tickets it will purportedly keep check of the individual’s fitness and health including other numerous data all together. The featured processor will likely be the Motion M7 for iPhone 5s including for the much rumored iPhone 6. Users will also be able to connect the iWatch app and some other apps to enable determine health data.

Today, designs have taken things a little bit further by imagining just how the new iOS 8 model having the HealthBook app may function while running on the iPad or iPhone. A HealthBook concept shared by Jayaprasad Mohanan of ConceptsiPhone has been put on video.

This concept comes up with a similar card-like design that was seen to appear in the mockup. It further shows details of just how the cards would appear while inside the app. On the whole, the general design blends in quite perfectly with iOS 7’s appearance, but ones more, this represents just a concept that and will possibly not appear like the exact HealthBook in the iOS 8.

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The HealthBook app is likely to take center stage with the iOS 8 as Apple looks to focus on the health aspect in regard to the user. But it’s not guaranteed that Apple will announce it as one of the top iOS 8 apps at the WWDC 2014 stage. Even as Apple is set to give details on the numerous changes presented on the iOS 8, it’s highly probable that it will leave out some details and announce maybe later with iOS 8.1 software update. For instance, as with Siri, the announcement did not feature at the WWDC but debut with the iPhone 4s much later within the year.

Some key updates expected with the iOS 8 will be improvements on Siri as well as the Notification system, a public transit to be included in the Apple Maps app, an independent iTunes Radio app, and enhanced phone call sound from VoLTE. Typically, these are just a fraction of what to expect, updates on Apple’s iOS include numerous features all big and small.

Any fresh iOS from Apple usually is accompanied by a brand new iPhone device. With rumors of the iPhone 6 arrival expected before summer, the iOS 8 might just the iOS 7 foot steps by entering the beta program as plans get underway to release it. A release date for the iPhone 6 is speculated to be around August or September; however it’s not yet confirmed.


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