Some iCloud Issues of iOS and How Apple Could Fix Them


Apple is almost ready to release iOS 8. If everything goes by the plan, we’ll be able to download and install iOS 8 on supported devices by the end of next week.

One glitch however has suddenly shown up. The iCloud storage service has started having issues. Apple has hinted it will improve iCloud within a month, but we could legitimately shed doubt as to whether or not the glitches will resurface.

Some iCloud Issues of iOS and How Apple Could Fix Them

In this article, we’ll have a look at the vexing issues that iCloud has been undergoing and how Apple could solve them.

The very first thing to understand is the functionality of iCloud. It is an integrated internet based service. It synchronizes content across different iOS run devices. iCloud offers storage space where a user could save their data. If needed they could download those data or sync them between devices.

The security of iCloud is one of the high priorities for Apple. Of late it has become a severe concern because a hacker last week got access to phone numbers and nude photos of celebrities and posted them online. The way iCloud was hacked could make any iCloud user anxious. The hacker took advantage of a snag in the Find My iPhone API.

The API normally allow a users to enter passwords a limited number of times. If the number of attempt exceeds the limit, the users gets locked out. The hacker however different passwords without getting locked out. That points at a severe exploit of the API. Apple acknowledged the exploit and fixed it on Monday morning.

That was just one of many iCloud problems. iCloud offer less storage space to users. Syncing content across devices is difficult on iCloud. Google Drive and Dropbox Pro offer 1TB space for $9.99 whereas iCloud offers 50GB storage space for $8.34. Besides, users face problems syncing content across multiple devices if the devices are disconnected and reconnected after a while. Not only the users, app developers also face such issues. They can only use iCloud for storing their apps, if they want the platform to integrate into the apps to offer the apps on multiple app stores, it becomes a headache.

Good news is Apple has announced iCloud will receive some very important updates that it has been missing for a long time. We can expect user’s grievances to come to a halt once the updates are given to iCloud. We also have reason to believe Apple will introduce those updates on a warline footing because iOS 8 is just around the corner.

The foremost concern of Apple should be vulnerability of iCloud. Brute force attack was enough to penetrate into the Find My iPhone due to already existing exploit. There could be many other exploits like this and hackers may harness them to steal data from users.

iOS 8 will have a slew of cloud based features. Other than iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library, Mail Drop and Safari History will also be based on cloud.
Thus, we could be optimistic that iCloud will receive significant improvements.