Few Important Tips to Consider Before You Disable Any iOS 8 Feature


After so much speculation, iOS 8 has finally arrived and users en masse are upgrading to it. Problem is iOS 8 is not as neat as we assumed it to be. There are some buggy issues that are annoying users.

disable ios 8 features

Other than bugs, there are some new features which are hindering users from enjoying iOS 8. Users should identify those features and disable them to make their iOS 8 surfing experience smooth. We’ve already spared them an article that deals with this issue.

That article however was all about fixing some irksome issues. There are some iOS 8 features which you may want to disable to get a seamless iOS 8 surfing experience. We have a list of such features and in this article, we’ll share that list with you.

The Recent contacts and Spotlight search is the first feature that you might want to disable. Whenever you open the multitasking screen, iOS 8 will show you your recent contacts. You just have to tap twice on the Home button and bingo! But what if you don’t want to be reminded whom you’ve recently talked with? Well, iOS 8 doesn’t care.

To disable it, go to Settings and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You’ll see a menu called Show in App Switcher. Turn it Off and the recent contacts won’t be displayed to you. Spotlight search includes more results that go beyond the ones you find in your device. Spotlight search will show you results from iTunes, App Store, the web and from other sources. If you get pissed, you can undo it by going to Settings, then General and then tap on Spotlight Search and then disable the options you don’t want.

The voice based personal assistant called Siri is a remarkable feature. You can give it a command and it will give you a reply. iOS 8 has made Siri voice activated. If you just say ‘Hey Siri’, the software will be activated. However, imagine you are in a place where there are lots of iOS 8 devices everywhere. They will listen to whatever you’d say. Or may be you have a friend called Siri, if you just call here saying ‘Hey Siri’, the software will be activated. To disable the voice activation, you need to head to Settings, then tap on General, then tap on Siri and then disable Allow “Hey Siri”.

The new HealthKit in iOS 8 is a unified system that collects medical and fitness data from third party apps. Those data are shared with physicians and could even be shared with other apps. Since there’s no end to receiving data, you might want to erase some of them. Just go to the Health app, then choose Health Data, then select Show All Data and then Edit. Tap on the delete icon, located beside some particular data. Then the data will be deleted.

There are some features which you can’t change. So it’s better not to try. For example if you could upgrade to iCloud Drive before upgrading all your devices to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, It’s impossible for you to go back to the older version.

So don’t disable any feature hastily. If any feature (other than the ones we discussed here) annoys you, do a search in the internet to find out whether you’d lose data if you disable it. If everything is okay, only you can think of deleting it.