Innovative Infinity Concept of iOS 8 Design


The latest concept design for iOS 8, which has been christened as ‘Infinity Concept’ is out in the cyber and I must confess that it has gained a lot of appreciation from the tech geeks and Apple aficionados. This concept was designed by a Russian designer Nico Achkasov and it took almost three months of toil and hard work to come up with this concept design. The iOS 7 has created quite a buzz in the cyber world not because of any positive reasons, but because the changed design of the user interface could not make much positive appeal before the users. This fact actually promoted the designers to come up with a wide range of concept designs which portrayed the popular expectation from iOS 8.


If you were of the opinion that flat is boring, then it’s time to think twice as in the Infinity concept the icons of the users are not three dimensional. In the new concept design, the icons are presented in a grid pattern and a lot of vibrant neon colours have been used in it to make it appear as attractive as possible. The entire palette of colours used in the interface is in harmony with each other, thereby creating a unique and striking pattern.

The icons used in the interface are not three dimensional and simple, but it has an aura about it which is really impressive. In the simplest words, it is the best portrayal of the expectation of the people from the designers working with Apple. This concept has drawn inspiration from the Google’s icon designing style i.e. from the style of presentation present in Android platform.

Any kind of design is primarily inspired by the artists or designers own preference and style, but the Infinity concept is definitely going to make a universal appeal before the Apple fans. We hope that the Apple designers will seek for public demands and expectationswhile developing the user interface of iOS 8 and we will get to see at least some, if not all of the features of the concept design of iOS 8.

The Infinity concept is based on the philosophy that the icons of iOS 8 must be as much perfect and realistic as possible and attention must be paid to minute details. The home screen has been also redesigned in the new concept making it appear all the more beautiful. So we can just hope that the designers at Apple take consideration of popular appeal.

Check out iOS 8 concept design Video after break.


  1. For being such a short video, I find this concept oddly beautiful. It has the flat and simplistic look of iOS 7, but improved. It seems to have more balanced colors, and I LOVE that it doesn’t contain the tacky translucent dock from the current iOS. I think the gloss dock is superior. I would use this design right now if possible.

  2. Sorry, After 3 iphones and 2 Ipads, I will be leaving Apple. Why? I can not stand the Icons. Bring back the sudomorphic icons. I do not want to use something that I can not stand to look at. Even the new infinity still looks like a 4 year old drew them and just used more colors!

  3. Apple, read my text! Innovate and change through empowering the user to have more control, not less.

    Empower me to change this candy cruch/crush inspired user interface into a highly defined work of texturized art. Empower me to remake your neon signs into realistic appearing icons, which allow me to show off the phone as something an adult male would be proud to own. (Not something that appears like a child’s play thing)
    Empower me to have control over the way it looks and feels.

    By empowering me to make these changes, you keep people like me as your costumer. By forsaking me, you lose sales. It cost nothing to empower me, it cost you more to forsake me.

    Oh and if you enable we the users to save our changes and sell them on the apple store, we can then make money, and so can you. So if you won’t make me happy, make your bosses happy, by improving the sales and expanding the ape store to include my demands.