Insights on iOS 8 Features After Studying Apple’s Latest Patent


Renowned smartphone manufacturers always try to hide about the updates on their upcoming gadgets and software till the last minute. This surprise element always works in favour of the brand and gives them an edge over their competitors. However, the patents submitted by the manufacturers hint about the feature of the upcoming software or gadget. Lately, Apple has published a few patents from where we could get some insights about the probable upgrades in iOS 8.

A More Human Siri


There is no denying the fact that Siri works perfectly well, but it is very robotic. It can only comprehend the words of the users when they say it in a scripted manner. Moreover, it can hardly remember anything beyond the name and relationship of the subject. Windows 8 could give a feat to Siri with its Cortana AI. Cortana AI is more human in the sense that it can remember a lot more than Siri and provide you with the right info at the appropriate time. Apple is trying to develop Siri on this ground and lately it has also filed a patent which had the blueprint for updating this feature. We expect this feature to be present in iOS 8.

Siri to Come in A New Avatar

Another patent revealed that Apple is developing Siri in such a way so that it has its own persona. The all new Siri is expected to understand the emotion of the users with the help of the textual data, condition of the device as well as from theemoticons. The new Siri can be customized in accordance with the mood of the user’s input or mood.

Group Chat on FaceTime

One of the major drawbacksof FaceTime is its inability to handle group chat. Therefore, Apple users often had to load other software for group video calling on Apple gadget. However, Apple has also filed another patent: ‘Video Processing in a multi participant video conference’ which provides us with enough reasons to believe that Apple is working to overcome the shortcoming on FaceTime. In the patent there has been mention of receiving info from different participants in a central point and thereafter distributing the info to the participants. We believe that this software will be a hit amongst the users.


That’s all we had in our kitty for now. We will keep the readers updated as soon as we get to hear more news from authentic source. So stay tuned with us.