How to install custom keyboards on Apple’s iOS 8


Apple has finally introduce the custom keyboards on the new iOS 8, which is one of the most requested features that quite a good number of iOS users have requested for a long period of time. This is one of the major features on iOS 8 which has in the past existed in the Android Operating System which is owned by Google. iPhone and iPad users with iOS 8 which will also come as a free upgrade for iPhones and iPads with iOS 7 will now be able to download and install third-party custom keyboards on their iPads or iPhones. In this article, we will have a detailed explanation of how custom keyboards will work on the new iOS 8 and also what users will be able to do with the custom keyboards.

Custom keyboards have been on iOS but are limited to the apps they are in

Custom keyboards have been accessible on the iOS and have been supported by the iOS from the time when the company launched the third-party apps in 2008. iPhone and iPad users can effortlessly come across custom key keyboards in a lot of social networking apps, educational apps, financial and math apps, and as well as in numerous games for children.

However, the custom keyboards are limited to the apps named above so that means that the custom keyboards cannot be found anywhere else in the iOS. But with the new feature that comes with iOS 8, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to download and install custom keyboards and use them unlimitedly on the apps that they want.


Using custom keyboards on iOS 8 and how to access them on your iPhone or iPad

First of all, take into account that iOS 8 is still in beta so this information could alter ahead of Apple officially releasing the new iOS 8  in September. At this time, custom keyboards work on iOS 8 by sponging off of Extensibility which is also a new feature in the iOS. This new feature permits apps to add extensions in other apps. This makes the app to be able to use some of the features of the connecting apps. That means that if custom keyboards are usable in other apps in iOS 8, there are just extensions of the custom keyboards apps.

In simple language, this means that to install third-party custom keyboards, you first have to download the custom keyboard of that app and it will be available in your iPhone or iPad just as other apps. After installing the custom keyboard, you have to go to the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone, and after that go to General>Keyboards. After this, you will now go into the next keyboards screen and tap “add new keyboard”. On that same screen, you will spot another section labeled as “Third-Party Keyboards”, when that appears, tap the name of the custom keyboards you want to install.

There you have it, it’s as simple as that. You will now be able to type with the custom key of your choice.