iOS 11 to Come Up with a Great Siri Upgrade


Apple has been acting the technology sector ever since its inception and the operating system provided for the devices manufactured by the American multinational technology company is surely one of the best due to its first-rate features. The iOS 10 which was launched on September 13, 2016 was tremendously well received by the users and the operating system came with a huge update in the 3D touch as well as lock screen. The users were extremely fascinated by the kind of digital messages that they can send to their dear ones which makes them connected with each other in an all new way. Therefore, the upcoming iOS 11 is expected to be more overwhelming with the advancements in the technologies along with the addition of new features.


Nevertheless, rumours are at rife that the iOS 11 will be made available to the users from September 2017, while few reports have stated that the upcoming operating system by Apple will be released in the beginning of 2018. However, there are no official confirmation regarding the news right now, but the tech fanatics are hoping that the iOS 11 gets introduced to them this year itself.

A lot of reports have highlighted that there would be a great Siri upgrade this time, and the iOS 11 will be providing some new advancements to the computer based intelligent personal assistant. Siri is expected to be compatible with quite a lot of chat apps such as Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp and so on and the users can ask Siri to send the text message to the person who they want to contact through the respective chat app. So it seems that Apple is surely coming up with a lot of surprises with the launch of its upcoming operating system.

The tech world is evolving with every passing day, so the fanatics would obviously want to see more and more innovative features to be introduced, as far as the operating system of any Smartphone is concerned then it is one of the pivotal parts of the device. And Apple has always made sure of coming up with a lot of advancements in the technologies whenever they launch a new device or an operating system. Therefore, another upgrade which we can expect from the iOS 11 is the enhancement in the security level of Apple Pay. Apple has always taken care of their customers and this time they might mull over the thought of coming up with a better security level for its Apple Pay, as the users might want to feel more secured about the personal details of their cards.

And now by getting an insight into all the anticipations related to the upcoming operating system by Apple, it seems that the iOS 11 is surely going to be more powerful than its predecessors.