iOS 11’s Live Photo Feature Seems to be Fascinating


People waited and speculated about the iOS 11 since long and finally took a sigh of relief when the WWDC event started. We got to see the Beta version getting unveiled and we certainly could not get over it yet. The new features and the reworking of several others made each and everyone elated and now they cannot actually wait to experience all those great features. iOS 11 surely has a lot more time to get released but before that another thing that the users will get introduced to would be the public beta version of the awesome iOS 11.

 The release date of the public Beta version has not be been rolled out yet so we can expect that to happen anytime actually. And as far as the unraveling of the eleventh version of the iOS is concerned, that is surely going to happen in September as almost all its predecessors were released in the same month but different year obviously. However, the official release date has actually not been disclosed by Apple officials at this moment but we expect the OS to get released in September.

There are many premium features which the Beta version of the OS came up with and one of them is surely the addition of Live Photo Feature which everyone is talking about. Boomerang app allows us to take videos which will make the act look like as if it rolls back from where it started. And something like that has been added to iOS 11 as well. The Live Photo Feature actually has added the Long Exposure, Bounce and Loops which is cool. It surely sounds fascinating and all the three options will let you do different things which will make taking pictures quite a fun.

iOS 11 beta

There has been an enhancement done in the camera section also and now the users will get to take more premium pictures from their Apple devices which would be equipped with the iOS 11. New filters have been added and now people are actually excited to edit the pictures with all the new filters.

And not only that actually there has been a major change done in the Control Centre and this time it bears a 3D Touch which sounds great. Therefore, the users are definitely looking forward to each and every new feature which the iOS 11 will come up with when the operating sytem gets released.

For using the Beta version right away you actually need to shell out 8 dollars but you need not worry because if you plan on downloading it by the end of June you can do that for free and not pay the 8 dollars now. Therefore, you can actually wait until June end.

There has also been a change added in the Map Application and the reworking of these features was expected even before the iOS 11 beta version was released. Therefore, it did not actually look like a surprise.

However, the iOS 11 may take few more months to get available but the exhilaration in users is rising with each passing day.

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