iOS 8.1 Final Release and What to Expect from the Update


Sources in the tech industry firmly believe Apple will shortly launch iOS 8.1 for the end users. Already Apple has released two beta versions of iOS 8.1. It wasn’t a long time back, just couple of weeks ago.

iOS 8.1 Final Release and What to Expect from the Update

iOS 8.1 beta 1 update was released to developers to identify the bugs and possible security patches. Another iOS 8.1 beta update was pushed out by Apple last week. These beta releases are indications that final release of iOS 8.1 is ahead. We haven’t heard anything from Apple regarding the release date of iOS 8.1. Industry analysts are however expecting it to arrive late this fall.

iOS users are currently facing a dire need for iOS 8.1. Many of them have been struggling with issues since the release of iOS 8. With iOS 8.1 in the cards, they are hopeful they’ll find a solution to the problems that have been bugging them.

After the issues in iOS 8 were found, Apple released iOS 8.0.1 update. The new update however did more harm than good. Major iOS 8 issues such as battery drain, Wi-Fi, cellular and Touch ID connectivity continued to exist and iOS 8.0.1 broke user’s devices.

To fix the vexing issues in iOS 8.0.1 update, Apple brought iOS 8.0.2. But users continued to report the Springboard crashes and restart issues. Many others reported they failed to get any type of cell service after they update to iOS 8.0.2. One user reported when he was having problems with iPhone 6 Plus. The screen would suddenly stop responding. He moved the phone to DFU mode, but the problem didn’t subside.

In fact as reported by a number of users, battery problems worsened in iOS 8.0.2. Some experts have however stated the problems is due to LTE and Google Chrome. Both consume a lot of battery. Besides, most users who reported issues with iOS 8.0.2 used it on iOS 5S. The battery in iPhone 6 is more efficient than that in iPhone 5S.

One genuine iOS 8.0.2 bug is that the phone get stuck in the landscape mode. Another problem was low speed. iOS 8.0.2 on older devices was reportedly quite sluggish. The beta previews of iOS 8.1 were promising. iOS 8.1 Beta 1 came with a number of bug fixes. The second beta arrived with a similar change log.

The new update will reportedly bring some exciting features. One of them is Apple Pay. It allows users to use their iPhones and iPads as mobile wallet. The feature is backed by NFC. Since neither iPhone 5 nor iPhone 5S is equipped with NFC, we may see a stripped down version of Apple Pay on those devices.

The SMS Continuity is another feature that we hope to see on iOS 8.1 The rumor regarding iPad 2 getting Touch ID fingerprint scanner might also turn true. Or primary expectation however will be related to bug fixes.