Apple Working on Three Main Updates of iOS 8, Major Changes Expected


It seems that Apple is leaving no stone unturned to hit the right cords. In a welcome break from the tradition of releasing one upgrade a year, this Cupertino-based company working on three major upgrades to its latest new OS, iOS 8. These major upgrades will be dubbed as iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3. This breaking news was exclusively reported by 9to5Mac.


After the botched-up iOS 8.0.2, the OEM released iOS 8.0.2 to fix TouchID and network issues faced by iPhone and iPad users. This is for the first time ever that Apple is simultaneously working on the major improvements. At least the analytics suggests so and states that Apple devices running iOS 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 were spotted. These devices could be the test-versions used by Apple employees around the company premises, in Cupertino.

Though, the OEM keeps on working to fix the bugs and improve several features throughout the year but this going out and around with beta version software or devices usually happens when the release is closer to the roll out date. It is a paradigm shift from Apple’s usual development process which would usually take the route of iOS 8.1 and then shifts to iOS 9.0. Though, users always get 0 .1 or 0 .2 updates to fix the issues (as happened in the case of troublesome iOS 8 release) but the 8.1, 8.2 and iOS 8.3 updates create some interesting possibilities and are definitely going to be big.

The one speculation it raises could be the shift from releasing the yearly iOS updates in fall. The fall updates are mainly associated with hardware. Usually, Apple has been releasing iOS for iPhones and iPads in the fall which connects hardware to software. This has been seen as a major tactic to ensure the integration between the latest software and hardware but usually this strategy gets mired in problems. For instance, the hardware iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are clearly the winner in their arenas but the operating system (software) ruins it all.

The Cupertino-based OEM’s decision to include faulty Apple Maps marred the experience of otherwise immaculate iPhone 5S. The followed up tweak or upgrade to then iOS 7 came about after 6 months. And currently, the users are still flummoxed over the defective iOS 8.0.1 update. So, it was the high time for the company to take a decision over the real benefits of releasing an annual upgrade or keep working on it to enhance the user experience. May be the 8.2 and 8.3 come as minor release only but if these could give users some relief from the bugs and issues, then why not? Well, as we write this, the rumors are also rife that one of these updates could be exclusively for the upcoming flagship model, 13-inch iPad.

Another possibility could be just to speed up the wagon on development front. May be the company just wants to catch up on the software issues before the release of new hardware, which is due next year.

The sources have also suggested some improvements in Apple Maps and as we have not come across any in the latest software, iOS 8, we are hoping that it may finally get thumbs up with the new upgrades. It is to be noted that the app was pushed back for release due to internal faults and bugs. Along with this, we can expect the update to finally enable the Apple Pay Service and to be friendly with the new split-mode screen of iPad. As the public release of Apple Watch is also on the horizon, the update may also be needed to ensure the compatibility between the smartwear and device. So, if at all this happens, we believe these features will be dispersed between these major upgrades.

Other than these two possibilities, the minor prospect of going through this ordeal could be to rename the software to iOS 8.x as Yosemite, Mac operating system. Well, this could be the last and least of our worries except for the confusion it might bring when iOS X / 10 and OS X will co-exist for couple of year.

So, how is it going to be important for us?

Well, Apple has followed a safer and strict route for the release convention until now. Usually, it will release software and hardware in the fall and then follow it up with a minor tweak. The select few older devices of previous generation could upgrade to it and the latest hardware / flagship models come pre-installed with it which enables the key new features exclusively to the new patrons. you can also download Kik for PC

This time, though Apple seems to have make an exception with the release process and has revamped the entire development lifecycle. Whether it is to accommodate the new features or remove the major hiccups the OS always face, this branching out of development process is definitely going to be a positive move as it could eliminate the last-minute trials and ensure that only thoroughly tested versions are made available to the customers.


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