iOS 8 App Extension Categories and What Purpose they’ll Serve


iOS 8 has just arrived and those who reviewed it said it’s awesome. First hand experience is always better than hearing from others. So we recommend you to try the new iOS yourself. In this article, we’ll give you some details on iOS 8 extensions.

iOS 8 App Extension Categories and What Purpose They’ll Serve

We’ve presented a wishlist of what type of extensions we’d like to see on iOS 8.

Extensions are very useful. They help extend the functionality of an application. iOS app extensions can take the functionality of the app to other apps or even to other OSs. Apple is developing iOS 8 app extensions. Functionality of the extensions will cover the following areas;

  • Actions
  • Document providers
  • Photo editing
  • Today widgets
  • Custom keyboards
  • Sharing

The action based extensions allow users to change or modify content inside another application. Extensions of translation apps for example, change a page from one language to another. You need to use the Safari browser for this purpose.

Document provider app extensions are useful for content makers. They help save and retrieve documents from different sources. Network dish and cloud storages are two of such sources. Important documents are often saved on cloud. An app extension could help retrieve it instantly.

The camera app on iOS 8 is amazing. You can do a lot of experiments with the app. Having photo editing extensions means you don’t have to switch to a different application. This will save time and may be could turn you into a professional editor.

Today widgets extensions offer users interactive functionality. Users can find it at the bottom of their iPhone or iPad screen. It gives the users quick access to data. The data however are obtained from widgets such as Smart Thermostat or Calculator.

The custom keyboard app extension allow third party developers to take full advantage of it. There are keyboards that are already built into iOS. But even then, third party app developers can come up more innovative ideas. Popkey for example is a unique third party keyboard that allows users to express their thoughts by GIFs. Similar innovative techniques could be applied by other developers which would include the keyboard supporting street lingos or scripts for unfamiliar language or symbols.

To make data sharing easy, sharing extensions are very useful. They help sharing data across social networks and cloud storages. Data can also be exported through those extensions.

The extensions can be used by any iOS run device. However, whether or not an extension will work on your device depends on few factors.

One of those factors is coding. Coders often put stipulations due to which the extension requires certain hardware features that are available in selective devices. Besides many apps come with forms which the extensions don’t support.

Some analysts held iOS 8 app extensions are overrated. That’s not true considering the iOS framework. The sandboxing model of iOS always prevented one app from getting access to another app’s functionality. But extensions make apps aware of each other and let them share information keeping problems like duplication of code at bay.

The good news is Apple will not keep the App Extensions feature restricted to iOS 8. OS X Yosemite will release for Mac users next month and extensions will be there too.