iOS 8 Beta 2 with New Features and Bug fixes


Apple released their much awaited iOS 8 in their WWDC held this year in the 1st week of June. We’ve heard a lot of rumors going around with the upcoming iOS 8 and to our surprise, most of them came true. Now, within a few days, iOS released two latest updates for their iOS 8. That means there’re two betas for the developers currently came out with more updates and features. If you do not Install iOS 8 Beta, Activate Here .

ios 8 beta 2

First the iOS 8 beta was available for the developers to test out the newest features that iOS 8 is offering. There’re a lot of additions since the iOS 7 (which brought the biggest design change in iOS history) and the features in iOS 8 looks pretty intriguing. Let’s see some of the latest additions in iOS 8 beta 2.

Podcasts & iBook App

Podcasts wasn’t a native app for Apple. Now, Apple’s official Podcasts app has been built-in into the OS. This means even if you don’t like it, you won’t be able to remove it from your iPhone.

This is the same case for iBook app as well. Both of these apps were previously free to download in the 1st beta version of iOS 8. But, now they’re default with the OS, and you can’t uninstall them.

QuickType Keyboard

It seems that Apple has learned a lot since their Android and changed their native Keyboard layout for the first time ever. Plus, there’s a new QuickType keyboard for Apple in the latest update as well. QuickType offers you suggestions above the keyboard when you start to type on the keyboard. Intelligently over the course of time, it learns new words that you mostly use and your most preferred ones will be automatically suggested in the next time.

Unfortunately, this update of Beta 2 is unavailable for iPad 2.

Removal of Bugs

Apple has removed a lot of bugs that includes, runtime apps crashes when the user recover their files from a backup. Plus, Apple has suggested the users not to use iCloud backup to fully backup their device since it won’t backup most of the apps. For the backup, they’ve suggested to use iTunes for total backup and restoration process.

Battery Life Increased

In the earlier beta version, Apple enabled NCLaunchstats and CoreBluetooth and kept them running which caused huge battery drainage problems for the users. Apple has removed these features to knot up their battery life issues.

Other Known Updates

  •  Camera and voice buttons presented in the iOS 8 Messages App turned from Blue to Gray.
  • Other bug fixes include, the brightness slider under Settings now works
  • Apple now supports 3rd party keyboard apps in Beta 1. But, they used to crash. This has been fixed in this update.
  •   Apple has blocked the annoying redirection from Safari Browser that used to take users to App store automatically.
  • Now, you can again sort out your App Store purchases by the given purchase date.

Apple has added a number of new features and fixed known issues to make it more usable for the developers to test out their apps for development purposes.