iOS 8 Beta 3 Might Be Available to Users By 8th July


Lately, BGR has reported that the third version of iOS 8 will be available to the users by July 8th. Previously it was being stated that the developers are going to have access to the upgraded beta version of iOS 8 in every two weeks. But if the next beta version of iOS 8 is released on 8th July, then there will be a three weeks interval from the last release date as iOS8 beta 2 was made available to the users on 17th June. Reporters of BGR have however claimed they have come to know from trusted source that the release of iOS 8 beta 3 will be postponed by a week’s time.


iOS 8 beta 2 has definitely come with some improvisations over beta 3. The second version was much smoother in comparison to the previous one. Moreover, it comes with improvisations such as in built Podcast app for iPhone users and installation of the new QuickType keyboard. But it still had many fallacies for the developers to look into. Firstly, the software was getting hanged after sometimes, the battery management was really poor and there were also problems in cellular networking. Therefore, these are the areas in which we are expecting developers to work on and come up with effective solutions in beta 3.

The beta versions of iOS software are primarily meant for developers so they can test the applications they are developing to be compatible with iOS 8. However, many iPhone or iPad users also use the beta version of the phone. The next beta versions of iOS 8 definitely come with quite some improvisations to and potential bugs which the developers must look into next time.

iOS 8 is expected to release in fall 2014 and it is expected to support third party apps. Siri centred controls are also expected to work with third party apps. Let us wait and watch what other surprises, iOS 8 has in store for us. So stay tuned with and keep yourself up to date.