iOS 8 Beta 3 Would Require Freezing and Crashing Fixes

ios 8 beta 3 download
ios 8 beta 3

iOS 8 beta was released early this month. It was downloaded so many times after its release by iPhone/iPad users. However, beta versions are often buggy, incompatible with apps and don’t offer jailbreak support. iOS 8 beta may not be an exception. Reports are coming from all corners on the buggy nature of iOS 8 beta 2.

ios 8 beta 3 download
ios 8 beta 3

The most disappointing thing is developers might also have to experience dozens of freezing problems with the native apps in iOS 8 beta 3. Keep in mind those developers wouldn’t access the beta through UDID activation sites and wouldn’t download the .ipsw file as they have official developers account with Apple. But even then, they could face the freezing problem.

But before discussing the yet-to-release iOS 8 beta 3, let’s have some info on its release date. We don’t know when iOS 8 beta 3 will release, but we can speculate. iOS 8 beta 3 will release as soon as beta 2 expires. The first beta version was released in 2nd June and iOS 8 beta 2 was released on June 17. That means it takes two weeks for a new beta version to release. Thus, we can expect the new beta to release on June 30 or July 1. With iOS 7 beta, there was a new download every week. This time, the time gap is little more.

iOS 8 beta 2 has brought with it a slew of new features such as larger text size for predictive keyboard, default installation of the podcast app, Safari browser’s ability to block ads which take users to the app store page. However, iOS 8 beta 2 is full of bugs.

As Apple developers with official account are working on iOS beta 2, they’ve come across some new issues that were not present in iOS 8 beta 1. The most common issues are crashing, and freezing at the time of using iMessage and selecting photos. It’s quite obvious that while in beta phase, the OS will have a bunch of issues. However, some developers said the issues in iOS 8 beta 2 are far more in number than that in iOS 7. One developer said, “there’s a lot more freezing in iOS 8 beta 2 than I saw with early iOS 7 betas.”

Developers have also noticed iPad Mini performs comparatively better than iPhone 5. When calling someone or texting someone with iMessage, iPad mini users reported less number of crashes and freezing. The iMessage issue was reported to Apple earlier but there’s no improvement in iOS 8 beta 2.

One annoying problems encountered by users is the app unexpectedly freezes whenever someone moves to emoji keyboard from Apple’s default keyboard. Some have swapped between the default and emoji keyboard by first disabling the emoji and then re-enabling it. But this doesn’t work for everyone. iPad Air is being found as the best device for iOS 8 beta 2 as it has almost no freezing and crashing.

iOS 8 handoff to Mac OS X was not working in iOS 8 beta 1. The feature allows users to connect iPad, iPhone and Mac devices without any configuration.
We need to wait for few more days to find out whether Apple does away with the freezing and crashing of iOS 8 beta 2 in its next beta release.