iOS 8 beta 4 Will Be Available To Users Soon

iOS 8 beta 4

Rumor has it that iOS 8 beta 4 will be surely available to developers by next week along with a number of new features as well as bugs to deal with. Reporters at BGR have stated that they have come to know from a reliable source that iOS 8 beta 4 version will be floated to the developers by 21st July.Therefore, within a gap of two weeks of the release of beta 3, beta 4 will be floated.We hope there is enough number of courageous end users or developers who will try to explore the next beta version of the phone within a fortnight.

iOS 8 beta 4

iOS 8 beta 3 was released after three weeks of the release of iOS beta 2, but reporters of BGR are of the opinion that they have the full schedule for iOS 8 beta release in their possession and hence they are very sure about the release date of iOS beta 4.

In each of the previous beta version of iOS 8, a new feature has been already unveiled that has been mentioned in WWDC 2014. In iOS 8 beta 3 we saw the Wi Fi calling feature that has been mentioned in WWDC. However, we are not sure what the next version i.e. beta 4 is going to bring to us.

In WWDC, 2014 we have heard them saying that iOS 8 will be one of the greatest release of Apple after the launch of App store. This version of iOS is going to come with the much rumored health app, a new photo app with time lapse photography feature, changed iMessage, user friendly QuickType keyboard, innovative UI and lot more features. Lately we also heard the news that Apple has signed a deal with IBM for developing enterprise software in iPhones and iPads. All these changes will be gradually visible in iOS 8 with the release of each beta version.

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