What’s New In Store in iOS 8 beta 4?


ios 8 beta 4 was released today morning and as expected to comes with a range of fixes and improvisations over the beta 3 version. The beta 4 version is available to the developers and we got to know that certain changes have been made in its user interface so as to make it user friendly and faster. Here is a comprehensive list of the design tweaks and improvements that have been introduced in iOS 8 beta 4:


Changes in the Control Center

The Control Center of iOS 8 has been revamped. From now on we will see that the black icons turn white when in use.

iOS-8 beta 4 Control Center
iOS-8 beta 4 Control Center

Introduced Tips App

In the WWDC 2014, we have been hinted about the introduction of tips app and this feature is available in iOS 8 beta 4. This app is basically a tutorial from where the users can get a live demonstration about how to use the different applications of the all new iOS 8. Starting from floating voice messages, activating Siri without using our hands, to making the best use of the notification center, this app will guide us in every aspect. Moreover, users cannot delete this app under any circumstances.

Tips app ios-8
Tips app ios-8

Improvised iMessage

Cool features have been added to iMessage like Text to Type option whereby the words said by the users will appear as text on the phone. Moreover, the message storage capacity has also been improvised whereby users can set dates for expiry of voice and video messages.

All New Display Setting

A separate section has been created for controlling the brightness, text size and boldness of the display text and picture. Therefore, now the users will have option to customize the display according to their whims.

Search with Spotlight

Some new alternatives are been available to the users whereby the users can move the Bing web results from Spotlight Search App to Settings App.

Change in Keyboard

Previously, within the setting app’s keyboard section we had a separate option named QuickType keyboard. But now it is being termed as Predictive and not QuickType. So users must not get confused.

Bookmark Option in Safari

Slight changes have been brought about in the bookmark option of Safari. But the users have access to both the old and new bookmark right now. The new bookmark option is present on the top, whereas the old one is present on the bottom.

Bug Reporter Removed

Last time we have seen iOS 8 beta 3 coming with a built in bug reporter. However, this is no longer there in the latest version of iOS 8.

Change in Contacts

If you browse to the contacts section within the Settings app, there is option to change over between two options i.e. recent and favorite contacts with the aid of App Switcher.

Introduction of Suggested Apps

Within the setting apps, users are going to come across an option to switch on or off suggested apps. If they turn it on, they will get automatic suggestion about apps according to the use of the owner of the gadget. With the help of app, the users can get access to both installed apps and the one suggested from App store.

Mail App

In the new mail app, the users can simply swipe their fingers in the left or right direction to get access to the different functions of the mail app. This function is also applicable in the Contacts or Calendar app.


The emoticons of iOS 8 beta 4 are all the more cheerful than the previous versions.

Health App

Now users can find three new variants in the calorie section of the health app, they are active calories, dietary calories and resting calories.

Photo Library on iCloud

From now on if you are seeing the stored pictures in iCloud, you can set the pausing time of the picture. This change can be brought over with the help of the setting app.

These are some of the changes that we could see in iOS 8 beta 4 at a glance. We are sure there will be some more add ons along with this. We will let you know when we discover it. Keep an eye on our blog posts to get more news on iOS 8. Cheers!!