iOS 8 Beta 5 Transports Map Results into Recent Calls


iOS 8 beta 5 was released on 4th of August. The fifth beta came with a number of bug fixes. There are some impressive features as well which beta 4 didn’t have. One of those features has a unique functionality.

When someone dials out a phone from Maps, the new feature automatically fills the Recent list of the Phone app with correct name, address and data from consumer review sites such as Yelp. The data are fetched from recently dialed numbers.

The feature was introduced as a vital of part of the latest iOS 8 beta. It is limited only to calls that originate from the Maps application. It should be mentioned here that Maps search results are available to users through Spotlight search of iOS 8. But if users want to access the function, they can do it from anywhere in the iOS 8 eco-system.


Appleinsider has posted some pics which describe how the new Maps feature work. They used the Safari browser and found a restaurant that goes by the name of Rattle ‘N’ Hum in New York. When the search text box and Spotlight were used, Maps displayed the restaurant. After using the Hybrid view of the Map when they clicked on the embedded phone number, information related to the restaurant automatically get transported to the Recent list of iPhone. Those information included the restaurant homepage, address with map and Yelp score.

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This is undoubtedly a highlight of iOS 8 beta 5. More so because many users rely on their phones and mobile apps to locate a place to dine and to throw a party. When travelers visit a certain place, they constantly communicate with other people who are familiar with that place. The new Maps feature could ease travelers because they could easily locate a place.

The example of Rattle ‘N’ Hum is a case in point. A user can find a restaurant or a bar just by using the Map. Convenience is guaranteed. Once a restaurant or a hotel is located, a user can make a call to book reservations and then he can open the Recents section to get directions to the place. Furthermore, the details about the restaurant are now saved to his contacts.

Appleinsider checked the availability of the feature with Siri and Safari. Both are Apple’s products. But the results were negative because Apple is keeping the feature restricted to Maps. When a Spotlight search was conducted in Safari, Maps results were found but phone numbers and webpage URL were not.

iOS 8 will be unveiled by Apple in September this year. The next gen iPhone 6 is slated to arrive in this fall. There will be two variants of iPhone 6, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. Handling iPhone 6 that runs on iOS 8 with increased Maps functionality will be an awesome experience because iOS 8 will offer better synchronicity between iOS devices and Mac computer.
It’s just a wait for a month or so. After that iOS 8 will be fully revealed and travelers and normal users will make full use of it.