iOS 8 beta 6 and iOS 7.1.3 to release on same date?


iOS 8 Beta 5 is finally available and I am sure all die-hard fans of Apple are using it. So now, the eyes are on the iOS 8 Beta 6. What’s quite interesting in the news is that this upcoming beta version of iOS 8 may release on the same date as the iOS 7.1.3 update. We expect the final version of iOS 8 beta to release next day of writing this post. So all Apple fans, brace yourself for new taste.


Not only the iOS 8 Beta 6, but the iOS 7.1.3 is going to release tomorrow itself. There are multiple rumors claiming it. It’s not known from where such rumors started coming first. Rumors about it are going with full face on Twitter and other social media platforms. So, who knows, it may actually happen so?

iPad and iPhone users have been facing many software related issues for past some time, and have been reporting it to Apple continuously. Since there is more than month left to see the final release of iOS 8 yet, so it would be great step if Apple brings any fix to the issues being faced by users.

In case you want to know the rumors going on at the moment, head over to Twitter and search for the tweets with the hashtags related to Apple’s iOS 8.

We would love to know your input on it. Do you expect Apple to bless you with iOS 7.1.3 version to fix the issues that you are facing in your iPad or iPhone? Let’s have a discussion on it in the comment section.