iOS 8 Beta 6 Date of Launch and Anticipated Bug Fixes Before the Gold Master Release

iOS 8 beta 4

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are having their fingers crossed at this moment as they are eagerly waiting for the full release of iOS 8. The upcoming version of iOS is undergoing developer testing and users need to wait for more than a month for the final release. Five beta version of iOS 8 have already been released so far and beta 6 is currently underway.

iOS 8 beta 6

If we observe iOS 8 beta releases so far, we can discover a pattern. When one beta version is succeeded by the next, there is an approximate gap of two weeks. iOS beta 5 for example, has released two weeks after the beta 4 release. This observation forces us to culminate iOS 8 beta 6 will release on Monday, 18th of August. Experts unanimously believe iOS 8 beta 6 is the last beta before the GM launch.

The whole industry is eager to know what features beta 6 will bring around. It’s not easy to find the answer because Apple is keeping us in dark. But we can at least try to guess some of the features that iOS 8 beta 6 will pack. To make a guess we need to give a look at iOS 8 beta 5. With beta 5, Apple has fixed a number of bugs. From that we can anticipate what bug fixes or new features we can expect from iOS 8 beta 6.

iOS 8 beta 4 had problems related to iCloud backups, CarPlay, Find my Friends, CloudKit, FaceTime, Music, Springboard, iTunes Sync and HomeKit. Apple fixed those problems with iOS 8 beta 5. But still plenty of glitches exist in iOS 8 beta 5. We can expect those glitches to be fixed on iOS 8 beta 6.

A user has recently found a glitch on iOS 8 beta 5. He was using an iPod Touch 4G device that runs jailbroken iOS 8 beta 5. When the user tried to Wi-Fi sync, the OS failed to find the iPod. When he connected the iPod to a Windows 7 run desktop computer, iTunes asked him to restore his iPod before he could sync iTunes. The user was confused as to whether this is a glitch. There are plenty of such glitches like this and Apple may fix them in the beta 6.

iOS 7 beta 6 was rolled out to developers on 15th August, 2013. The update was small, only 13.5MB in size. The purpose of releasing iOS 7 beta 6 was to solve issues with iTunes in the Cloud. Before the bug fixes in iOS 7 beta 6, users were having problems with iTunes purchases.

When it comes to iOS 8 beta 5, some of the problem areas are that the software is only installable on dedicated development devices. As a matter of fact, Apple has given specific warning related to this. The shared purchase history pages for new Family Sharing features are disabled. Another problem is failed encryption of iTunes backup.

Hopefully, iOS 8 beta 6 will solve these problems. We just need to wait for august 18 now.