iOS 8 beta jailbreak surfaces for beta version; comes with tweaks on 7.1.x untethered jailbreak


Here comes yet another good news for Apple fans. The iOS 8 Jailbreak for its beta versions is finally available after lots of speculations. This jailbreak comes with tweaks made on iOS 7.1.x untethered jailbreak.


Reddit user w0rldello notified world about this. So, thanks to the user for bringing first iOS 8 beta jailbreak in notice. Tweaks on Pangu 7.1.x untethered jailbreak have been made by the user to make the jailbreak for the latest version of iOS. As per the report, the alleged user was able to discover unpatched vulnerabilities in the said jailbreak version, and was finally able to make the jailbreak for iOS 8 beta versions.

On the post made by the user notifying about the alleged jailbreak version, we discovered skepticism by other users. Some claimed the photos to be fake, some came up with even stronger words. Some said that the jailbreak is nothing but waste, as it’s pretty easy for Apple to fix the exploit. Apple can bring positive changes in the final release of iOS 8 to make sure that such jailbreaks, or any new ones coming in, won’t work.

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You might already know that beta versions are released by Apple to help out the developers, to make them assured that their apps would work fine with the upcoming software. By trying out beta versions, the developers can figure out the necessary changes needed to be made to smoothness of their apps on final software’s release.

The new software by Apple comes with many new and incredible features. The major ones include update to iMessage, photos app and other keyboard applications. There is impressive improvement in Spotlight and iCloud too. Health application is surely going to be biggest pro in the feature-set of iOS 8. This application will track information like heart monitor, BMI, etc.

In the most recent beta version of iOS 8, there are major changes in Health application. M8 motion co-processor will be used by this application for data sourcing purpose.

We all are eagerly waiting to have our hands on final release of iOS 8. What do you expect to see in the latest software by Apple? Let’s start discussion about it in the comment section.