How to Download iOS 8 beta’s Test Version?

iOS 8 came with a complete overhaul of the user interface, which got mixed reactions from the users and critics alike. With iOS 9, Apple chose to focus on the functional aspect of the operating system. The iOS 12 beta (test version) is available to the users now.  This prerelease version is meant to be used in order to find and fix glitches in the new firmware.

ios8beta-imageApple released the beta version at WWDC on June 2, with many new features included from the start.  A few of the most anticipated are the new keyboard, which has support for swype-style typing, a redesigned notification system both on the lockscreen and in notification center, and the ability to quick-reply to text messages.  Many, many more features have been introduced though – WiFi calling, for example.  If you want to test the iOS 8 beta, then you can easily do it by downloading iOS 9 beta version and the best part is if you do not like it, then you can revert back to the old iOS 8 version anytime.  Instructions are below.

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Here is the procedure of iOS 9 beta download:

First you have to download the software.  It is available in many places already, one of the easiest to work through being Here . Use the “Direct” link for your device for the easiest download.

Second, Activate your UDID for access to the iOS 9 betas.  Fill out this form, which will allow you to pay through PayPal:

How To Find UDID Number:

To find your UDID, you must first plug your phone into iTunes on your computer.  Do NOT use one of the “UDID finder” apps from the AppStore, as these no longer work in iOS 8.

Once iTunes detects your device, go to the main “About” page. You will see your device model and other information, including the serial number. Clicking on the serial number will reveal the device’s UDID. This is the number we need. It is 40 characters long, and includes only numbers and lowercase letters.

Third, users need to connect their device in DFU Mode.  This mode can be accessed in any of the Apple devices.  With the device powered on and plugged into a computer with iTunes running, hold down both the home and power buttons until the screen goes black.  Count four seconds, then release the lock button ONLY.  Continue to hold the home button until the device is recognized by iTunes.

Once iTunes detects the device, hold down the Shift key (Option key on Mac) and click “Restore.”  iTunes will ask what firmware to restore to; point it to the file you downloaded  previously.  iTunes will then install iOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod!

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These are the three simple steps that you need to follow to install the iOS 9 beta version in your iDevice.

Reverting back to iOS 7 is just as easy.  Enter DFU mode again, then click Restore.  Do not hold the Shift or Option keys.  iTunes will prompt to accept the agreement, and will then proceed to install 8.1.1 back onto your device.

While using the iOS 9 beta you can see that it has the same minimalistic approach as that of the iOS 7, but all the features are much more refined. The functioning of the phone is simplistic and colours are very vibrant.

We would love to hear about your experience with iOS 9 beta, please your thoughts in the comment’s section.