iOS 8 scans and enter credit card information using iPhone’s camera


Apple has always provided you with the apps that saves your valuable time and this time too it had come up with an excellent app. This time they have worked on the mobile operating system and had added a feature in it that will save your time while you have so much to buy in a short span.

iOS-8NASDAQ:AAPL- Apple Inc. Is going to bring a revolutionary change in your purchasing pattern and is going to turn it much easier. iOS 8 has launched a unique feature that is going to permit the camera of iPhone to scan the credit card.

This feature was automaton by 9to5Mac also and they have try to go identical with Apple Inc by it.

When the feature comes across the appropriate forms, Safari will recognize that a credit card is needed and the keypad that pops up will offer the option to scan the card. The same option pop up also works for the CVV and expiration fields, however, it requires a separate scan. Unfortunately, this feature was not integrated into other applications.

What makes features of iOS 8 different than the rest?

As mentioned earlier Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL, is always loaded with innovation and uniqueness. So apart from the scanning credit card it will have many other features too. Though much about other features was not discussed in Worldwide Developers Conference but still iOS 8 is going to come with a customized camera features. A different exposure with exclusive focus is going to be there in the camera of iOS 8. In the previous model it was tough to add perfection in regard of focus and exposure and at the end you always have to give up at certain ends. This new model will solve all your complain by customizing your entire need. 3-10 seconds timer on the  upgraded focus can be set so that you can get maximum benefits of it. With the move of every second a light is flashed making the process of photo burst an easy process. You will also enjoy the flexibility of  Safari browser here. DuckDuckGo, a browser which understand your security purpose is there in it by which your browsing experience could be enhanced. This browser works with almost all the best search engines including Yahoo, Bing, Google. Siri has also helped in the up gradation of App store. You will also earn benefits in regard of personalized advice for the music that you will listened over iTunes Radio along with the song that was asked from Siri to be identified.

Lastly panoramic photography could be enjoy by iPad users with tablet computer they have. Surely a new life will be added to the photos that you will take by iPad.