iOS 8 Concept Design : Features New Home Screen & Notifications


The iOS 7 came with some colossal changes as far as its user interface and design was concerned. The changes made, were appreciated by the users, but that has not stopped us from sketching the blueprint of the next iOS which is due to get released next year. By far the best concept design of iOS 8 has been presented by Sangham Bhandari, who is an ace designer from Nepal. In the blueprint presented by him, a lot of relevant changes have been brought about which will increase the functionalists of the phone.

ios 8 concept design

Bhandari has proposed a design where the home screen of the smartphone, which is generally beautified by wallpapers or pictures,is replaced by a screen from which the users can get an overview of what’s going on in your phone. Up till now the home screen of the phone is being used as an apps launcher i.e. the screen from where we can easily toggle over to our favorite apps. However, Bhandari has put forward a home screen design for iOS 8 where users will get updates or notifications about the different applications like messages, mails, what’s app and other applications on the home screen of the iPhone itself. Apart from that it will also act as an apps launcher.

Bhandari states that this was designed primarily with the intention that the iPhone users will not miss a thing of what’s happening around him. Whether its todays weather forecast or the last day of the payment of the phone bills, the home screen of your next iPhone or your best friend’s birthday will be like your mommy, constantly reminding you of the things that you must do today or at the latest.

ios 8 concept design1

There is no denying the fact that the design of the iOS 7 is very good and creative, but it’s kind of repetitive. From the first iOS that was launched in the year 2007, till today the same grid pattern has been maintained. Though some changes have been brought about in the interface design, but it is definitely not enough. Therefore, the consumers are expecting some sweeping changes that will be interesting as well as beneficial.

There is no denying the fact that with this design iOS 8 will be much better, however we are not really sure about the reflection or response of the Apple developers with regard to this design. The phone is definitely going to be much more user friendly, if the next version of the iOS is designed in accordance with this blueprint.