iOS 8: Designed to Flow Freely


iOS 8 is definitely the best thing that happened in WWDC, 2014. A wide range of awesome features have been added to this OS and at the same time its basic functioning has been simplified and made a lot faster. Therefore, it has evolved as one of the best of all iOS.Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering commented that “iOS 8 offers simpler, faster and more intuitive ways to use your device with incredible new features like iCloud Photo Library, a new Messages app, the QuickType keyboard and an entirely new Health app. We’re also giving developers amazing new tools to make managing your health and your home from your devices an integrated, simple and secure experience.”Here is a brief overview on iOS 8’s features:


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Quick Access to Contacts

Just two clicks on the home button and iPhone users are going to get access to the frequent dialled contacts along with the other apps on the multitasking view. This feature definitely makes iOS 8 a lot user-friendly.

Reply to Messages and Third Party Apps from Notification Centre

Now you don’t need to launch the iMessage app for replying to the messages in your inbox. iOS 8 has been designed such that users can give reply to messages directly from the notification centre with locked screen. Not only messages, you can also reply to third party apps like Facebook from the notification centre.

Safari Improvised

The new Safari on iOS 8 has the ability to open more than one tab unlike the previous versions. This addition makes Safari a lot more user-friendly.

Enhanced Functions of Mail App

The mail app of iOS 8 has been also improvised and most of the improvements have been in line with Mailbox. For example, now the users can delete mails directly from the notification centre. There is option for minimizing the compose mail page to check out other mails in inbox. Moreover, the mail app has been further integrated with calendar.

Improvised Spotlight

Spotlight has become a lot smarter with new features similar to OS X. Moreover, Spotlight has been integrated with Safari so that users need not have to go to Google’s home page.

Smart Keyboard

iOS 8 comes with a very smart keyboard which is being named QuickType. This keyboard is very intelligent and the users will get word suggestions in accordance with the relationship with the contact. More formal word suggestions will appear if you are talking with your colleague and casual suggestions are going to appear if it friend. This is definitely very cool.

Continuity Added

Continuity was one feature that was already present in OS X and now it has been added to iOS 8 as well. If all your Apple gadgets are synced together, then Continuity app let you finish a work that you have started in another Apple gadget. For example if you have started composing a mail on your iPhone and the battery conked off suddenly, then you can easily get it done in your Mac PC while the phone is being charged.

Improvised iMessage

Now you have the option of creating labels in your iMessage app of iPhone and include contacts or numbers in it. For example you can create a label titled promotional messages and register the numbers in it, thereafter all the promotional messages will directly go to that label. In this way managing your app becomes really easy. Sharing messages have also become very convenient in iOS 8. The photos and videos shared using iMessage will get deleted after a period of time to stop overloading. Moreover, the users can hear audio messages directly from the notification centre.

Improvised iCloud

With the aid of iCloud iPhone and iPad users will be able access docs in various applications. That’s really convenient.

User Friendly Enterprise

A new enrolment program has been introduced in Enterprise that makes this software a lot user friendly.

Health and HealthKit App

A lot of speculation has been made about the features and abilities of the rumoured Healthbook app. At last iOS 8 has been launched and it came with Heath and HeathKit App. This app collects info from various health app and provides it to the user through a single app. Moreover, Mayo Clinic has access to the users health related info and they will provide with suggestions.

Share Photos

Now you can store all your photos in iCloud and get access to it from anywhere. Moreover, the users also have the option of using advanced search option to find out photos be mentioning album or location. More and better photo editing features have been also added to the app.

Shazam with Siri

Siri is now come with Shazam using which you can easily recognize songs.

The best part is that the iOS 8’s beta version will be available for the developers as well as users from today onwards. So download the beta version and enjoy!!