iOS 8 Is Directly Going To Influence The Battery Life of iPhone 6


News about the various features of ios 8 has been surfacing on the cyber space from the time iOS 7 was released last year. Though most of the discussions on the internet centers round the features of iOS 8, but bloggers are also concerned about whether iOS 8 is going to have built in mechanism to extend the battery life. The latest rumor is that iPhone 6 is going to come with better battery life, but since the smartphone will be of bigger size and thinner dimension, we are not really sure whether the battery life will be extended in reality or not.

iPhone-6-1Developers have planned to boost the battery life of Apple’s iPhone 6 by at least 20% this time. However, we are not really sure whether will be successful in achieving their goal or not as rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will be of thinner dimension and bigger size. Therefore, if at all Apple aims to be successful; it has to work on its OS. iOS 8 is going to come with battery saving features that is going to extend the battery life of the phone.

The latest rumors about iPhone 6 project it as a 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch smartphone and a little curvaceous phone that makes appear really glamorous. In the WWDC, Apple has announced that iOS 8 is going to come with battery management feature which will constant update you which of the apps is consuming the most battery. Thereafter, users can remove the apps that consuming maximum power. Chances of the presence of other battery enhancement features are also high.

Lately in one the Chinese blogging site, the news came up that that iPhone 6 is going to come with 1800 -1900 mAh battery, whereas the 5.5 inch phone is going to be powered by 2500 mAh battery. However, we have not received any official confirmation to confirm this piece of information. If this piece of information is true, then it would mean that there would be a 15% to 20% hike in the battery power from iPhone 5s. If rumors turn out to be true, then iPhone 6’s higher end model will be the first phablet style phone with a 5.5 inch screen. This phone would need 60% more battery in comparison to the previous generation phones. Therefore, we are quite sure that if Apple plans to launch a bigger size phone, then it is surely working on its battery as well.

There are two ways whereby the battery life of a gadget can be enhanced. First, the phone can be integrated with a powerful battery or optimized software or hardware should used to provide the same facility. Therefore, if the above rumors turn out to be true, then Apple will be provided with optimized hardware and software to enhance the capability of its battery. The rumored A8 processor that is going to be used in iPhone 6 is also going to increase the battery life of the phone.