iOS 8 Features Overview Infographic

Beta versions of iOS 8 have been coming for developers for past few weeks. Recently, iOS 8 beta 4 was made available to developers. All are curiously waiting to get final release of this much talked mobile OS. If you are curious about what you are going to get in this upcoming Apple’s mobile OS, then you are on right page, as here, I’ve got infographic explaining all features of iOS 8.

iOS 8 Infographic
iOS 8 Infographic


Before I begin with providing you details about iOS 8 features, I’d like to drop light on the compatibility part. This upcoming iOS version is compatible for iPhone 4S and higher iPhone models. iPad 2 and higher models can have it as well.

Features of iOS 8

All New Design

With more and more people getting attracted towards Android, Apple has been into hell of worries for a long. To cut the competition heat and to remain the first choice of majority of users, Apple has revamped the design. The iOS 8 comes with all new design and offers better and smoother experience than ever before.

Improvements in Siri

Siri is the app that is loved by every single fan of Apple devices. In iOS 8, Siri has become better and more powerful. It recognizes the voice faster than earlier versions do. Moreover, it supports ‘Hey Siri’ command to get opened.

All New Keyboard

Typing on device is something we do on daily basis, right? To give a pleasant typing experience, Apple has blessed iOS 8 with an all new keyboard. There are many small improvements in the keyboard to give you a smooth experience. The new keyboard shows suggestions on the basis of your past use. The best part is, iOS 8 comes with support for third party keyboard apps.

Improvements in Messaging App

Share photos, audios, videos in an easier way than ever before. You can start conversation with single tap, can mute it, can leave it anytime. Performing these is quite easier in iOS 8 thanks to Apple for these small but useful improvements.

New Health App

Millions of people rely on Apple devices for staying fit. Apple knows it pretty well, and therefore, to please all such users, it has blessed iOS 8 with a new Health App. The new app does not only only collect data with more accuracy, but also represents it in a watchful manner.

Improvements in Camera App

For all photography lovers out of you, the good news is that iOS 8 has camera app with several improvements in it. More controls have been added to it to give you a fast and easy access to common used features. The new app is meant to deliver you a smooth photography experience on your iOS device.

New Notification Center 

The notification center is all new and is customizable as well. You can easily add or remove the functions to the notification center with single tap on screen. Yeah, you can add or remove widgets in the same manner, as well. This feature is what Apple users have demanding for a long. iOS 8 is going to deliver it, eventually.

Wi-Fi Tethering 

Ever wanted to use your iPhone’s Wi-Fi on your iPad, or something similar to that? With iOS 8, it’s actually possible thanks to Wi-Fi tethering feature that it comes with.

iOS 8 Release Date

The iOS 8 is likely to release in September of this year. Just a couple months to go more. Like you, we also want to have our hands on it.

Till the release, we expect to see more news about it. We will cover them all, stay connected with us.