iOS 8 Features Revealed at WWDC

iOS 8 Features Revealed at WWDC

At last after months of speculation about the features of iOS8, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, it was released in WWDC on 2ndJune, 2014. Well, its predecessor iOS 7 came with a lot of changes, so many were techies were not expecting much from iOS8.However, contrary to the aforesaid believe, iOS8 actually has got lot in store for the users. iOS 7 primarily came with an overhaul in its design, but in iOS8 we can see a lot of improvised features whereby the OS has become really user-friendly. Here is a look at the confirmed features of iOS 8.

iOS 8 Features Revealed at WWDC

Easy Access to Contacts

Apple mobile OS has always been tagged as not user-friendly, so this time the primary concern of the developers has been to redesign the features in such a way so that the users falls in love with their phone. Previously, by tapping twice on the home button the iPhone users used to gain access to all the apps from where they could get redirected to the one they need. But now, by tapping twice you gain access to the frequently dialed numbers on the contact list as well as FaceTime. So life really becomes easier.

Improvised Keyboard

In iOS 8 a new and improvised keyboard has been introduced which is christened as ‘QuickType’. If we compare Android’s keyboard with iOS’s, then anybody would accept the fact that iOS keyboard is much better. The previous keyboard of iOS 8 has been good at predicting, but developers felt that there is further scope of improvement. QuickType continuously provide you with a list of probable words to choose from while you are typing. This feature is present in Android platform as well. But what makes iOS different from the Android is that this keyboard is far more intelligent. The suggestion provided by QuickType will be subjective and contextual. At WWDC a live demo was given to show that the suggestions provided by QuickType will depend on the person you are interacting with. If you are interacting with your friend or family members, then the suggestions will be less formal, whereas if you are talking with colleague only formal words will appear on the suggestion box.

Better Mail App

Certain changes have been also introduced in the mail app. First of these changes was the ability to delete mail from the notification centre by simply sweeping your finger. Secondly, the users can minimize a mail you are composing to check out other mails so that you can easily gain access to the information in other mails. These changes where basically modeled based on the features of mailbox, however, there is no denying the fact that the Mail App of iOS 8 has improvised a lot.

Better Notification Centre

iOS 8’s notification centre has become a lot better and interactive. Lets see how interactive it has become. Firstly, now you can reply to messages directly from the notification centre without launching the message app. At the WWDC it has been also said that this feature will be also applicable for third party apps like Facebook. Therefore, now you can like a status or photo or comment on a post directly from the notification centre without launching the app. To add on to it, the notification centre can be accessed without unlocking the phone and replies can be also given directly.

Spotlight from OS X

Some features of OS X 10. 10 Yosemite have been also included in iOS 8. Firstly amongst them is the spotlight search whereby users can search there apps using this application and thereafter directly launch it from there. Another feature borrowed from OS X is Continuity. This app helps you to pick up a work that you have left in an iOS device and continue it in another device. For example if you have started typing a mail in the Mac PC, you can finish it off using your iPhone with the help of Continuity. Continuity also helps to answer calls, message and create hotspot.

Much Talked About Health App

For months we have been expecting iOS 8 to come with a Health app and now it’s here and it is named as HealthKit and Health app. Apple developers found that there are thousands of health apps but none of them are interconnected with each other. The HealthKit app was developed by Apple keeping this problem in mind. This app is going to bring together all the information present in the health apps available in the market and thereafter present them together so that it is easily intelligible. The Health app will also provide service to the users. The information you fed in the Health App is accessible to the Mayo Clinic and thereafter they will offer you suggestions. Just in case you have diabetes app on your phone, then this app will monitoring your blood sugar level and the data can be accessed by Mayo Clinic. So they can compare the results and suggest accordingly.

Family Sharing

This is one of the best improvisations included in iOS 8 whereby you can share software or songs bought from iTunes, ebooks or movies within the family. Family Sharing allows users to share products across the boards. However, all the sharing members need to have the same credit card number with the gadgets. The good thing is that Family Sharing would not let your kids abuse it. If your kids try to purchase an app using your credit card, then it will automatically seek for your permission before allowing them to do so. Family Sharing also allows you to share photos and videos.

iOS 8 comes with a lot of new features, some of them are absolutely new to us, whereas some have similarity with other platforms. We have been expecting iOS 8 to come with a lot of improvisations and iOS 8 has actually made us happy by including most of them. However, these updates were overdue in iOS from a long time and we are happy to see it. Do you like the improvisations brought about in iOS 8? Share you opinion in the comment’s section