iOS 8 Features that travel companies must know


Final release of iOS 8 is likely to happen anytime soon. All Apple fans are eagerly waiting for it. The features of this upcoming operating system that we know from rumors and news, make us wait for it with immense curiosity. iOS 8 is going to come up with plenty of features for all types of users. Out of all those eye-catching features, a few are such that must be known to travel companies. This article covers those iOS 8 features that travel companies must know about.

iOS 8 Features that travel companies must know

Changes in CoreLocation

Let’s start from the big changes. Location tracking plays a vital role from the travel companies’ prospective. In terms of changes in CoreLocation, below listed changes are what companies must be aware of.

  • Changes in Location Authorization

In all iOS versions so far, location authorization was simple, pretty straightforward! It was simple for a user to give location authorization to intended app. The app just needed to ask for permission regarding that, and that’s all. But, Apple has made changes in this part now. As per the experts, changes in Location Authorization are done with the intention to bless a longer battery life to users.

Apple has brought two options for location authorization in the iOS 8. One is ‘Always’ authorization option. Well, I don’t need to tell you about that, because it’s the same that you have in your current iOS. The new option, that is part of iOS 8 specifically, is ‘WhenInUse’. If the user opts for this option, then the app has the user’s permission to access the location only when it is actively running.

Since, with this new option, that app won’t be able to pull the location data when just running in background, it would leave positive impact on battery life of device.

Another small change is that users will be able to change their decision regarding location access for any app in the settings meant for it in the app itself. They no longer will need to exit the app and then go to the settings section of the device to change the permission. This small change will provide easy access to users to change the Location Authorization for any app.

Earlier, the apps only needed to take user’s permission to access location without telling the need of it, but now, the apps must tell the purpose too. So, users will actually know for what the app needs access to their location. Moreover, in the ‘Always’ authorization mode, users will be notified after a few days about their location access preference. They will be given the option to review the ‘Always’ granted location access.

From these changes, it seems Apple is looking forward to providing better privacy to its users, and to give them long lasting battery life.

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  • Indoor Mapping

Indoor Mapping is the next change that I must make all travel companies aware about. For public venues like airports, hotels, this is a very big change.

Other technologies like GPS, tower triangulation don’t work at all, and if sometimes they do, they don’t help out the users. Even iBeacon does not help users in it. But nothing to worry anymore. Indoor Mapping is part of iOS 8 to help you out.

The Indoor Mapping has two major components listed below:

  • Secret sauce of Apple uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cell towers to come up with accurate idea about location fix.
  • The other major component coverts X-Y GPS coordinates to two-dimensional floor plans. The Z coordinates are converted into the actual floors.

Some major points can surely be solved with combination of this new Indoor Mapping technology with iBeacon. It won’t prove helpful for passengers only, but also for those who work in the aforementioned or any other public venue.

  • Visit Monitoring

Last in the Location Access Authorization is Visit Monitoring. It uses a specially designed algorithm to monitor your reach to your destination.


This is something that will surely please the travel companies. There are many styles to choose for. Of course, all are not worth mentioning here, but the following ones are catchy indeed.

  • Widgets: 

Little apps to give you a quick access to users to most-commonly used features. They can have quick access to their itinerary and can perform several other minor tasks to get a better travel experience.

  • Share:

Just one tap on the screen and users will be able to socialize their travel related things. Since the use of social media is at peak, so this feature would surely please all users. Sharing will be actually caring plus comfort in iOS 8.

  • Action:

We expect to see action within the apps themselves. At WWDC, Apple showed the use of Bing translate to translate emails. This is indeed helpful for those visiting International Places.

TouchID App

TouchID is awesome technology that was released by Apple less than a year ago. As per the reports, more than 83 percent iPhone 5S users use this incredible technology to secure their esteemed iPhones. In iOS 8, TouchID would turn out as boon for passengers as well as travel companies.

TouchID would finally be used for shopping through iPhone. It would provide a secure online shopping experience which users will love for sure.

Shopping is not the only where TouchID will prove useful, but also in the Smart Hotel Keys too. This will simplify the check-in process. Users will be able to check-in with ease, which will enhance their experience, will provide more comfort than the traditional check-ins do.

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No one sticks to one device when performing search related to best travel places, hotel costs, or anything related to travel. Users do start the search process on one device, say smartphone, and end on any other device, say PC. This happens because of lack of time and users’ access to more than one type of devices. In such trend, it’s important that users get immediate access to the data from where they left on the last device. With such power, users will be able to carry on their search, which is not only good for them, but for the travel companies too. Handoff in iOS 8 is the feature that will deliver this power to users’ hands.

Battering Usage Monitoring

Most of apps owner don’t care about how their apps are going to consume the energy. This is the reason why apps play a big role in draining battery of iPhone. Talking about such apps, there are many fall in the Travel category. Travel apps keep running in the background to use the location and other data. While this is required by the apps, but it drains the battery badly.

Well, the power consumption by apps is not going to be any headache of users in iOS 8. Apple will let users see the Battery Usage by app, in the same way, as it lets them check out the data usage by any app. With such info, users will know the apps eating their iPhone’s power, and thus will be able to take necessary steps.

Cutting the long story short, the iOS 8 is indeed going to be boon for travel companies as well as users. We are excited to have our hands on this upcoming Apple’s mobile OS. Are you too?