iOS 8 Guarantees The Users Maximum Protection


Apple has been always very vigilant about protecting user’s privacy. Apple’s next generation mobile operating system i.e. iOS 8 is also going to come with some added privacy features that is going to guarantee the users 100% safety and security. As a matter of fact Apple gadgets have gained popularity among the masses primarily because of its safety and security features. Here are some of the privacy features of iOS 8 that will ensure your security:


Get Your Location

Many apps that are being used by us in our smartphone can trace our location without asking for the user’s permission. However, in iOS 8 a new app will be installed named ‘While In Use’ that will inform the users instantaneously if an app try to trace your location without your permission. Thereafter, the users can deny permission.

Contact List

iOS 8 users will have more control over their contact list, from now on the users are going to have a full control over whether an app can sync in your contact list or not. The users will have the full freedom to choose the contacts that they want to sync with a particular app.


Keychain was a feature that was already available in iPhone 5s. However, iOS 8 some more additions have been made along with that to enhance the security features. The new TouchID feature in iOS 8 will allow only the owner whose fingerprint is registered with the phone to gain access to apps. This feature will be extremely useful for iPhone users who use mobile banking etc.

Child Lock

Lately, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was passed whereby a law was enacted stating that no apps catering to children should ask for personal information. Therefore, in any of the apps made for the children questions like contact information, photos, location would be asked. The iOS 8 apps are made in accordance with this rule.


At present the HealthKit app present in Apple store all the health related information that we feed into the app. Moreover, such information can be accessed by the advertisers, insurance companies and other organization and they could use it to create their customer database. In the HealthKit apps of iOS 8 certain changes have been brought about whereby the users can control sharing of information.


Security has been the most important concern for developers while developing the HomeKit. All activities of the users are being constantly monitored starting from your communications through various means and also if you pair the gadgets. However, this negative side of being constantly monitored is that you are going to get bombarded with different kinds of advertisements.

New Health App

The new Health App of iOS 8 gives you access to more than 60 health apps to choose from. The users can select the ones they think important and manage it accordingly. The unique Medical ID app helps the users to store sensitive information about the users health and in times of emergency these information can be accessed using the emergency call screen.

These are the primary security and safety features that have been included in iOS 8. Post your view regarding these features in the comment’s section.