iOS 8 HealthKit Could Offer a One Stop Health and Fitness Solution


Are you a lazy person who make resolutions every time but fail to stick to them? If yes then the upcoming iOS 8 could be especially helpful for you. The OS hasn’t arrived yet but it will arrive shortly and keep on at you to make you energetic. When lying on the couch, you’d get reminder to get off and visit the gym. iOS 8 will reportedly keep a track of how much weight you are losing, how much fat you are burning, etc.

iOS 8 HealthKit Could Offer a One Stop Health and Fitness Solution

Many of us skip gym due to lethargy. Sometimes we simply forget. iOS 8 will sport an system called HealthKit which will come handy for us. The system will send gentle reminder to indolent users so they head to the gym. HealthKit will not only give users cue for exercise but also automatically enter into “Do not disturb” mode once they start to work out.

You might wonder how the system will know whether or not a user is exercising. Apple has been granted a new patent recently. The patent is for creating a modular Smartwatch. The device will have GPS system enabled and motion sensors in the body and in the strap. As the Smartwatch will be tied in with a user’s wrist, all the changes in his body will be recorded and monitored. He would be able to give his complete attention to burning fat while receiving an incoming call.

The tracking system will function like artificial intelligence. It could tell the difference between slowly walking on treadmill and running desperately to catch a bus. So if you make some casual moves and think you’re done with today’s exercise, you are wrong! HealthKit won’t count those movies as workout. iPhone 6 will reportedly launch with iOS 8. But HealthKit may not get that much attention on iPhone 6 as there will be many other equally interesting features. The Smartwatch on the other hand could be the keynote of the tracking software for being a wearable device.

More so, HealthKit can connect to local medical services. This could help doctors figure out what’s going wrong. iPhone 6 will most likely be the first device to introduce HealthKit. The device is said to be released in September. It will come in two variants; one with a 5.5 inch screen and the other with 4.7 inch screen. Apple may launch the 4.7 inch model first and lurch the release of the jumbo model so both devices fare well in the market.

HealthKit was announced just a month ago. The system was earlier being called Healthbook. Monitoring essential metrics related to health on a regular basis is the idea behind HealthKit. The monitoring system will feature a centralized interface so health and fitness apps could share data. For example, Nike+ apps could fetch sleep and nutrition related data from HealthKit metrics and add them to a user profile.

HealthKit is the first major push from Apple to create a footing in the health and fitness domain. iOS earlier allowed app developers like Jawbone, RunKeeper, Nike and MapMyFitness to exhibit their apps. Now those companies could use the HealthKit interface to provide users more authentic insights on their health.

It’s a win-win situation for those developers and users.