iOS 8 HealthKit and Third Party Health Accessories will Help Apple Net Huge Profit


We have wrote extensively on HealthKit coming on iOS 8. There are plenty of ways HealthKit could benefit iOS 8 users. One of those ways is pulling data from health apps and storing them so a user’s health activities could be tracked. The advanced tracking system and sensors in HealthKit will record crucial health details and leverage physicians.

Apple iOS Healthkit

Other than iOS users, third party app development companies will be benefited. Apple has been partnering with those companies and with healthcare service providers, which industry experts are viewing as last minute preparations before the launch of iOS 8 in September.

Institutions like Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins are not into profit. But Nike and Epic are. The fitness app Nike+ is a product of Nike. Epic on the other hand has a personal data record called MyChart. Those apps will be integrated with HealthKit, which will run swiftly owing to the M7 Coprocessor and track data from onboard sensor suite with more accuracy and efficiency. Users will also be alerted about medical emergencies by HealthKit.

For third party health and fitness app developers, iOS 8 is a goldmine. But how would the integration serve Apple? Will Apple be able to secure its financial interest? Industry experts believe so. Over last few years we have seen Apple putting on the table some very exciting stuff like Apple TV, iPhone 5S and 5C (for emerging markets).

Apple has found a new area to focus on this time, health. Apple already has a presence in the health industry. There’s a plethora of medical and fitness related products on iPhone and iPad such as pedometers and blood pressure monitors. Apple however has shown a reluctance in developing health related hardware. Instead Apple has decided to invent a software platform where third party apps will be showcased. HealthKit is such a platform.

Simply put, Apple is sending a message to health and fitness product manufacturers and app developers to work under Apple’s umbrella. The outcome will reportedly be stupendous for Apple. Experts anticipate the Cupertino giant will be ushered in money.

The chief reason behind the future success of HealthKit is the fact that iOS is the most productive mobile platform. Android users may not agree to this but they can’t deny Android lacks a centralized authority unlike iOS. Because of this, third party apps get integrated with iOS seamlessly. Apple has already sold almost half a billion iPhones and more than 200 million iPads and been able to create prolific market.

With the new HealthKit, Apple will pull billions of dollars. Third party health accessory market is a mouthwatering one and over the time it has grown up around iOS. The upcoming iOS 8 will make this market even more consolidated. In future, we’ll get to see more partnerships with large-scale health equipment manufacturing companies and that would help Apple laughing all the way to the bank.

Apple TV was a success, iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated devices of this year. The rumored iWatch is also expected to be a hit. But HealthKit related accessories could help discover an even bigger market because health is what everyone values.
If iOS 8 indeed becomes a hub for third party health apps, equipped with requisite hardware, Apple will for the first time be able to go beyond its niche user-base. In simple words, Apple’s stock value will skyrocket.