iOS 8 update official launch date revealed-2nd june


Good news for consumers and Apple users who want a taste of the all new awaited iOS 8, the launch date has finally been confirmed. Apple announced that it will unveil the iOS 8 on its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set to start on 2nd June 2014. The crucial moment is scheduled at 10 AM PST on 2nd. Apple has verified that the details and updates of the OS X and iOS will also be revealed on the same day.

apple ios 8

There has been exciting rumors circulating all over the internet on the features which has left the public buzzed. According to a report from 9toMac, the WWDC may in fact center the next Mac OS update and X 10.10, so it will be an exciting day for Apple lovers all over the world. There is also a source who informed the website that Apple might delay some of the features on the iOS 8 will be deferred until the announcement of the iOS 8.1.

Delayed features

It is not clear yet which features will be delayed. The main features of the iOS 8 include the HealthBook, TextEdit, Standalone iTunes Radio application, Apple Maps overhaul and Preview application. One of this or a few of these could possibly be pushed back until the release date of the iOS 8.1 will be revealed. It is also clear that the iOS 8 will integrate Shazam’s song ability to identify. This is according to a report from Bloomberg; in addition, it is speculated to work well due to the update ad the new music features.

HD audio playback

In accordance to the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple is planning to work on the high-definition audio playback in the upcoming iOS 8, as an update of its operating system. However, it comes with a few limitations for people who would want to play 24-bit tracks and sample rates greater than 48 kHz; this was confirmed by the BGR reports. This new capability is speculated to Apple will release the new, improved and technologically advanced ear buds and the respective Lighting connector during WWDC. The feature will give apple an upper hand in the market domination.

iPad improvement

Experts in the enhancement development sector say that, the iPad users will be advantaged when accessing two iPad applications simultaneously.  As of now, the users are able to use applications in full screen view and this is a limitation to the tablet when it comes to multi tasking. Its competitor Microsoft had recently utilized the angle as a selling point for its work-friendly tablet in advertisement. Ion comparison of Microsoft and Apple, competition is quite high and thus the new features by Apple on iOS 8 will surely put it in a good level.

The iPad new feature will allow easy interaction between applications compared to other IOS, formerly released by Apple. There will be ability to drag texts, videos or images from one application to another which will held do away with the normal copy paste routine as dragging is more efficient. Apple is determined to change the landscape mode of the iPad and these features are likely to boost sales and profit margins.