iOS 8 Update is Not for iPhone 4


Whenever it comes to bringing changes, Apple becomes shaky. The Cupertino giant is keen on following tradition. One of the traditions followed by Apple is disapproving of iOS updates to older iPhones. Apple will most likely catch up with this tradition once iOS 8 is released. Rumors in the industry suggest iPhone 4 will not get iOS 8 update.


Apple has recently stopped the sale of iPhone 4 in different countries. Some of them were emerging markets such as Brazil and India. In the United States, iPhone 4 sale was called off after the release of iPhone 5S. In most developing markets iPhone 4 still exists. That’s chiefly because iPhone 4 is a cost effective Smartphone option.

How iPhone 4 users should feel?

As per rumors, iOS 8 will arrive with a slew of new features. Some of those features will be Healthbook, Apple Map, an enhanced Siri, TextEdit, Preview and iTunes Radio. The Healthbook app could deliver health information. Apple Map could be at par with Google Map. TextEdit could let users edit PDF files and images and iTunes Radio will be a custom app for music. Missing out on all those features is surely disheartening, but iPhone 4 users never had much of options because the phone is cheap option to get tagged with Apple’s brand name. So many of them would remain indifferent.

Devices supported by iOS 8

ios-8-devices-1 Since Apple is deliberately discontinuing iOS 8 for iPhone 4, the same could be done with iPad 2. iPad 2 had excellent market share up to the last quarter of 2013. But In February 2014, rumors started to float that it will be discontinued by Apple. There are other players in the iPad market like iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad Air.

If iPhone 4 is ruled out, we’re left with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. All these devices run on iOS 7 or higher version. So iOS 8 will most likely compatible with them.

Compatible iOS 8 devices

The iPhone 4S
The iPhone 5
The iPhone 5C
The iPhone 5S
The iPod Touch fifth generation
The iPad 2
The iPad with Retina Display
The iPad Air,
The iPad Mini
The iPad Mini with Retina Display

Full list of Device which is Compatible with iOS 8

iPhone 4 future

There’s hardly any doubt that iPhone 4 will be killed by Apple shortly. Some sources indicated after the 2014 fall release of iPhone 6, iPhone 4 will be officially discontinued. Some opined iPhone 4 will not be totally abandoned but it will gradually be one of Apple’s archaic products and will remind next gen users about Apple’s erstwhile iPad lineup

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In the online buying and selling market however, iPhone 4 is still in demand. You may come across a lot of requests on eBay and Craiglist where users want to buy and sell already used iPhone 4. However, those are mostly budget phones.

iOS 8 release date

The release date of iOS 8 is not yet declared. Most analysts believe iOS 8 will arrive in October this year. The WWDC is slated to take place on June 2. Once the new iOS is showcased, further speculations about its apps could be made.
For now, we need to wait. Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 users could sell their phone on eBay and keep that money in savings to buy iPhone 4S/iPhone 5/iPhone 5S and upgrade to iOS 8 as soon as it releases.