iOS 8 vs Android L: Preview Of The Two Contending Mobile Operating Systems


Two flagship brands Apple and Google are busy developing their next generation mobile operating systems and in all probabilities these two platforms will be available to the users by the last quarter of this year. Obviously, the tech geeks have started comparing the features of these two platforms to gauge which one are better that the other. A thorough study of the rumoured features of these two platforms would make it clear that in the upcoming versions of these platforms many new features will be included, but their area of focus is different.


iOS 8 vs Android L: Launch and Release Date

Application developers have already gained access to beta versions of both these platforms. iOS 8 beta version was available to the users from 2ndJune after the WWDC 2014. The developers can download iOS 8 from Apple developer’s connection website, however it is only open for the members. You can subscribe for the membership of this site with £59/year. On the other hand Android L was made available to the app developersin the Android developer’s website from 26th June 2014. The beta versions of these platforms are compatible with only some gadgets. If you are downloading ios 8, make sure you have an iPhone 4s, iPad Mini or 2 or other high end gadgets. On the contrary, Android L runs perfectly with Nexus 5 or Nexus 7.

iOS 8 vs Android L’s User Interface

We are not expecting many changes in the user interfaceof iOS 8 as the last version of the platform i.e. iOS 7 already came with a total overhaul of the user interface. There was a change from realistic design called skeuomorphic to a fresh and innovative‘flat’ design. We are expecting iOS 8 to continue with that. However, the keyboard of iOS 8 will be totally changed with provisions for contextualized entries. In addition to that certain new shortcuts will be installed as a result of which it will be easier to interact with people you communicate mostly.

On the contrary, Android L is coming with a total overhaul of its user interface and Google has named it ‘Material Design’. While Apple abandoned the realistic UI and introduced layered style, Google has no plans to abandon realistic approach altogether. For Android L, Google has planned a user interface which is a cross between realistic and layered design. The layered style is present in the interface design of Android L, just as in iOS 8. Along with that it has tagged elements from the previous design like slidingtiles, gradients and shadows. The new style user interface will be made available in the beta version of Android L so that the users can stylize the apps in the same way.

Fresh Features of iOS 8 and Android L

iOS 8 is going to surprise you with a lot of new features. Here is the list of new features that you would see in iOS 8:

AirDrop: AirDrop makes it easier to transfer files between iOS 8 and Mac OS. Simply drop the files in AirDrop and gain access to it from other devices.

iCloud Drive: The improved iCloud Drive of iOS 8 will allow you to access files saved in iCloud directly from the app.

HealthApp: The new HealthApp of iOS 8 collects information about the vital signs of your body through the sensors present on the gadget. Thereafter, these information are shared with reputed health care agencies with the user’s permission and thereafter they can provide the user with important suggestions.

Spotlight: Spotlight has become a lot smarter in iOS 8. Now if you search anything using spotlight, then it will not only provide you with information present in the iOS, at the same time users will also gain access to information from the net. So just write the name of a eatery on Spotlight and it will provide you with its address after searching from the internet.

HomeKit SDK: This is another new feature of iOS 8 with the help of which you will be able to control any of the gadgets in your home using your iGadget. This app is already present in the beta version of the iOS 8 so that the developers can work on it.

Handoff and Continuity: This is one of the coolest additions in iOS 8 whereby users can continue to work on a document after switching over to another iGadget. For example, if you start working on a Mac PC,then had to leave home before finishing it, you can easily continue the work on the same file from your iPad once you are in your car and from the same place.

HotSpot: The HotSpot of the phone is being upgraded so that the all Apple gadgets will get automatically connected with each other when they are kept in close proximity and the data connection of your phone willstart working in other gadgets as well.

Stay Connected for Phone Calls and SMS: iOS 8 will come with the miraculous capability of texting and making phone calls from Mac PC if the iPhone and the PC are kept together.

Better Coding Language: Previously, we have seen iOS 8 being written in Objective C language with is quite difficult to understand. But in the latest version of iOSa new programming language is used which is simple and easy to comprehend. Therefore, the developers can understand it easily and swiftly and thereafter create compatible apps which are much better.

iOS 8 is Developer Friendly: iOS 8 has a lot in store for the developers. They can develop extensions to all existing apps. Even the TouchID of iPhone will be open to the developers so that they can use it in their app as well. Moreover, a direct link will be established between camera roll and photo editor so that the photos clicked can be edited directly.  A new 4000 API or Application Programming Interface will be also used in iOS 8.

Innovative Features of Android L

Though Android L is not coming with so many features to boast about, but the ones that are included are definitely praiseworthy:

The users will get to see a new notification center in Android L which has borrowed elements from iOS 8. The notification center of Android L is no longer a drop down menu but a pop out menu.

The phone caller app of Android L is also being simplified so that the users can call quickly.

The notification center of Android L is being merged with the lock screen. Therefore, now when you unlock the screen, all the latest notifications will be automatically visible to the users.

Interconnected Through Bluetooth: If you own two Android gadgets and these gadgets are kept at close proximity,the Bluetooth of these gadgets will get unlocked automatically and get connected with each other.

Apps Are Connected: Android L’s apps can take advantage of the API’s of other apps. Since the apps will be connected with each other, therefore it will be possible to increase the functionality of apps.

Therefore, we can clearly see that iOS 8 is introducing much more features in comparison to the Android L. While Google is primarily interested to change the UI of Android L, Apple is inclined toward increasing its functionality.