ios 8 WWDC : What We Know So Far About Apple iOS 8


The iPhone 6 might be months away from its release but let’s take a look at the software that it will have on its release later half this year. Within just few weeks Apple will showcase its brand new iOS 8 update, an update that is expected to replace iOS 7 and deliver a number of enhancements and changes to the iPhone and iPad.

The Apple rumour that has been spilling its beans took great heights in the first four months of the year. Later as we go deeper into 2014, we got to hear about few Apple products that will be launched soon. Among them, some of them were new iPads, a new iOS update, a new OS X update and of course the brand new iPhone that will be recognized as iPhone6.

After this the rumoured iPhone 6 and iOS 8 update have dominated headlines through which one is expected to arrive in sometime near future. Earlier this year it was announced by the company that it would take up the centre stage at its annual WWDC developers conference in San Francisco to show off the changes it has made to OS X and iOS. Though Apple did not come right out and announce its plan for both iPad and iPhone users. There have been rumours spilling it’s beans  with iOS 8 will be sharing the spotlight with Apple’s new OS X software for the Mac users.

It has been observed that the iOS rumours haven’t emerged at the same pace like iOS 7 rumours, still there are a substantial amount of iOS 8 details available with us prior to its announcement. Though the update isn’t completely outlined but we already think we are very much aware of Apple’s iOS 7 successor.

Now let’s have a look at what we know about Apple’s iOS 8 update which includes it’s release date, it’s launch date apart from its features.

iOS 8 Launch Date

It has been suggested by the officials of Apple that iOS and OS X will be discussed at WWDC. This refers to only one thing that the much rumoured iOS 8 will make its debut just like the iOS7 before it.

It is certain that the brand Apple will announce its iOS 8 update on the platform right on June 2nd, which is the first day of WWDC. It’s seen that the keynotes of Apple takes place very much on the first day of the event and it’s still outlines the same on the launch of its new products.

iOS should be very much on stage with OS X 10.10. There have been reports found that iOS might have taken a backstage with the Mac software. OS X 10.10 might go for a redesign and will get back on stage by blending OS X features and more features from the iOS. There have reports of hardware up gradation too from Apple’s perspective.

iOS  8 Beta

Apple always offer iOS beta to its developers so that they can try and figure out issues before its official release. Though, the iOS 8 beta hasn’t been confirmed yet. Reports have been there that the previous versions of iOS have taken a good amount of time on its Beta updates. Therefore, its certain that this too will take a good amount of time.

Apple is providing an OS X 10.9.3beta to the general public but that doesn’t mean we will expect an iOS 8 beta – at least not at all so early. iOS beta’s are only open to the paying developers and therefore its certain that there is complete no guarantee that will open to the iPad and iPhone owners that are not present in the developer program. Therefore, it means that there is a good amount of chance.

iOS 8 Release date

New iOS updates are usually released beside new iPhone hardware. There have been reports that the iPhone 6 is set to release this fall which is September. Therefore, iOS 8’s is still quite far from its release.

With the release of the iPhone 6 there is good news waiting for Apple’s older version owners of iPads and iPhones. It is usually found that Apple releases its software’s a week before its launch date of the brand new iPhone.  Apple will likely announce a date officially for iOS 8’s release at the iPhone 6’s launch event that will take place sometime later this year.

Health Book


It has been reported that the iOS 8 will likely hold a new Health Book app that actually mirrors the look of a Passbook. This has arrived apart from iOS 6 couple of years. Apart from tracking tickets as well as loyalty cards, Health Book will eventually track user’s health and fitness with information present in one place. The feature will likely make use of the Motion M7 processor in the iPhone5s apart from the much rumoured iPhone6. This might also get connected to an iWatch apart from several other accessories to measure the health data.

Split screen Multi-tasking

It has been rumoured that the iOS 8 will comprise of surface-split screen where the users can make use of two applications side by side. This particular feature was present on the wishlist of iPad owners. So, finally the iOS 8 might come up with such features. This app will also allow interacting with each other. Users will be easily able to send videos or images as well as drag and drop texts easily. Even there are reports of Apple sharing this with the developers.


Apple has tweaked and added some extra features to Siri, the personal assistant that has come up with iPhone 4s. Even there can be some major update along with this feature in iOS8. Siri will boost the accuracy level and dictation quite well. Apple bought a small company Novauris for better Siri in iOS 8.

Bloomberg recently stated that Apple is very much in discussion with Shazam to comprise of company’s music identification system with the Siri.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is presently the competitor of Apple’s Pandora and Spotify that got launched with iOS 7 and iOS 5s in the month of September. There are rumours that Apple will make iTunes Radio a standalone application iOS8.

Phone Calls & Data

For iOS8 Apple might plan for VoLTE support. This dramatically refers to Voice over LTE that refers to the phone calls that will sound better compared to what it does today.

Apple Maps

It has been rumoured that the iOS8 will have improved version of Apple Map basically dealing with transit directions. Apple Maps that is present on iOS7 allow users to the other apps but a complete new version might comprise of transit directions which is built-in to the Apple Maps.


It has been rumoured that Apple will fix double notification window which is annoying that the users usually find in the Notification Centre.

iOS rumour suggests that the software will look much like the iOS7. Though there might be some kind of design tweaks. But, there won’t be some kind of major design changes.

A new video shows that iOS7 will look more like an iPhone6 of 4.6 inch.

Mentioned below are some of the devices that will get iOS 8:

  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini with Retina Display
  • iPad 3
  • iPod touch fifth-generation
  • iPad mini

You will find that iPhone 4 and iPad2 has been missing from the list. This is because Apple has stopped selling iPhone4 in several countries. The iOS 8 will much likely not support iPhone4.

iOS 8 Jailbreak

There have been reports that the developers in recent time’s jailbroke iOS 7.1.1 but there are good chances of next the next iOS jailbreak will into being until its arrival of iOS 8 later this particular year.

But, this does not mean that the iOS 8 jailbreak will be out the day iOS 8 update has been released.