iOS 8, Yosemite to come with various new Calendar features


Apple fans are eagerly waiting for iOS 8 and Yosemite. I’m sure that being one so, you too are waiting for its arrival, and your curiosity is making you scroll the pages of web to find something new in this context, right? Well, the latest coming in this part is that both iOS 8 and Yosemite will come up with various new Calendar features. This is what we have got from a recent report of MacWorld.


Autocomplete suggestions feature in iOS 8 and Yosemite

The autocomplete feature has been demand of users for a long time. Location, Invites and other info will become easy to fill.

Updated Day and Week View feature in Yosemite

The Day and Week View feature has been revamped as per the users demand. Expect to taste a better experience in using them, than ever before.

Updated Today View in Notification

Want to look at today’s and/or tomorrow’s events? It’s pretty easy to do with iOS 8 and Yosemite. You get an easy access to them along with other info like stocks, weather and reminders.

As per report of Cult of Mac, transit directions feature will be there in iOS 8’s Maps app. Of course, along with it, there will be many more new features.

The report says:

“Apple acquired the popular free transit app Embark last fall, with reports suggesting the small company’s expertise and technology in transit mapping data would be directly integrated into Apple Maps. Those features might not make it in time for iOS 8’s release this fall, but it looks like Apple’s decided the next best thing is to just make it easier for customers to use what they want.

Along with the direct link to other maps apps, Apple has beefed up Maps by updating location data every single day, as well as adding Flyover City Tours that zoom users to popular landmarks of the world’s biggest cities. The Apple Maps service also recently expanded to the beta, purging Google Maps from Apple’s web experience too.”

The report also says that Apple has made it a lot easier for users to switch from Apple Maps to Google Maps as per their desire. through the native Apple Maps app itself.

The flyover tours of cities of the Apple Maps app has got in it the names of cities like – New York, San Jose, San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona and Rome. It’s quite easy for users to fly over any city’s skyline. They can use the ‘zoom’ feature to get a closer and clearer look at the intended things. As per the report, this incredible feature is part of Maps app in Yosemtie as well.

What do you expect to get in iOS 8 and Yosemite? We’d like to have your views. Do use the below comment box.