iOS 8/OS X Yosemite: Apple’s Safari catching up with Google’s Chrome


Good news for all Apple fans out of you. Be ready to have better web experience with improved features from Apple in its browser Safari, meant for both OS X and iOS. Seems the company is all set to give a tough competition to Google’s Chrome.


Optimizing experience

So finally, tools have been included by the Apple that will help the developers create and optimize their sites for Safari, so as to give an impressive experience to users. Safari beat for OS X and iOS 8 brought this impressive improvement last week. Being an Apple fan, you must have got to know about this already. If the experts are to be believed, inclusion of these tools is something very big, as it will help the users get a faster Internet experience. It will help developers to optimize their sites in the best way to deliver a good experience to users. Just to mention here, this impressive feature is already a part of popular browsers Firefox and Chrome.

Those who don’t know, Navigation Timing API is a specification which is developed by Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). With it, the developers can measure critical performance metrics which includes DNS connect, response, load time and wait time. As per Frank Cioffi of Catchpoint Systems, “The result will be fast-loading websites and mobile sites”.

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint Systems has been trying to influence Apple to bring this feature in Safari for a long time. Here are his words on this:

“Every single day, I’m tasked with giving my end users the best possible Web experience. To do so, I need to know how my website actually behaves out in the wild so accurate ways to measure how my website performs are absolutely critical.”

Big Impacts

The developers will be equipped with real-time data which will help then track the problems with their sites in real time and will also help them repair the problems to improve the visitors’ experience.

As per Leo Vasiliou, Catchpoint Web performance engineer:

“The effect will have an especially big impact when looking at mobile users, as Apple’s combined presence across smartphones and tablets means that Safari comprised a whopping 59.1% of mobile browser traffic as of April of this year. And as we all know, with mobile browsing overtaking desktop in the past year and continuing to grow, the ability to glean insight into the mobile users’ experience is invaluable to those of us who are committed to optimizing everyone’s web performance.”

With the help of real user measurement, web developers will finally know about what is causing bad experience to visitors. They will be able to work on those areas and thus will be able to deliver a better Internet experience to Safari users, which are more than quarter of global Internet users. So, the new feature in Safari will impact such a large number of Internet users.

A number of improvements have been done to WebGL by the Apple. Advanced HTML5 video technologies have been introduced by company which will help Apple allow its users to access web video with ease and smoothness. New WebKit will allow developers to create website with better layout than ever before.

Seeing these features, one can easily tell that Apple is looking forward to make Safari the best and most popular browser. The rivals Chrome and Firefox are loved by their fans, and it would not be easy for Apple to steal them, but still, such improvements will surely give a reason to the users to give a try to Safari. The rest work would be of Apple to convert those one-time-triers to permanent users of their much loved browser.

We are looking forward to have our hands on new features of Safari browser. We will be having our eye at how these features impact the Safari’s users’ count. Stay updated with us.