iOS 8’s Mobile Search Functionality Redefined With Enhanced Spotlight


In WWDC 2014, Apple has launched the 8thversion of its mobile operating system i.e. iOS 8. The latest version of iOS 8 will be released in fall, 2014 and it comes with many innovative alterations. One of the most interesting changes made in iOS 8 is enhancing the functionality of Spotlight. Spotlight has now being upgraded as a web search app and it uses the default search engine of Microsoft Corporation i.e. Bing for including this functionality.

Spotlight iOS 8

Web search functionality is a new addition to Spotlight’s functionality and it was obvious that Apple is going to choose its default search engine Bing for that. However, analysts like Shateel Alam, Heather Belini, and Justin Rowley are of the opinion that Google Inc’s revenue generation possibilities through iPhones is not going to get affected as a result of such integration. At the same time Goldman Sach opines that such inclusion clearly shows that Apple is trying its best to formulatepolicies so that it can counter the influence of its arch rival Google and bring about a change in the present scenario of the mobile search market as a whole.

It is very obvious that by redefining the functionality of Spotlight, Apple is trying to reduce Google’s influence in the mobile search market. Analysts are of the opinion that the extended functionality of Spotlight is not going to disintegrate the mobile web search ecosystem, on the contrary it is going to bring about a dynamic change in the mobile web search market as a whole. However, it will be foolish to think that Google’s revenue generation through mobile market is going to get deeply impacted by such inclusion as we know that Android smartphones, which is Google’s own operating system, dominates 80% of the mobile market. Lately Google has also brought about improvisations in voice and mobile searching options to keep itself up to date.

There is no denying the fact that Apple is trying to increase revenue generation from Bing by extending Spotlight’s functionality. But the general mass is so well acquainted with Google’s user friendly search engine that we doubt whether they are going to change their preference. If the users find using Spotlight is much easier than web browsers in the due course of time, then only Apple will be successful in curbing the influence of Google in the long run.

We will get the opportunity to use Spotlight by the end of this year, so the biggest challenge before Apple developers right now is to make it design Spotlight in such a way so that it can be used for generating revenue just as Google Inc does through the use of web browsers.