iOS 8’s New Concept Design video Flows Like a River


WWDC 2014 is going to unveil many things which include the flagship gadget iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, the much awaited iWatch and of course iOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s operating system. iOS 8 OS will be used in all these gadgets and therefore our expectation from the next generation iOS is really high. iOS 8’s innovative features, functions and operations is going to make these gadgets actually worthy of all its coolness. iOS8 is expected to come with first major update over its predecessor since it was introduced by Jony Ive.


In iOS 7 we saw many changes but most of the changes revolved round the user interface of the OS and therefore we can saw that it was an improvement over iOS 6. Though the changes were good, but there is lot left to be done. TechRadar came up with a new concept design of iOS 8 and of this turns out to be true, then Apple users are definitely going to be very proud of their iGadget.

In TechRadar’s concept design we got to see a concept design of ios 8 based on either its rumoured features or one about we have got a nod from authentic source. It is very realistic and does not feature any of the unrealistic features that will please the Apple lovers.

One of the innovative features of this innovative concept design is that SIRI is made capable of identifying a song, thanks to Shazam. The interesting and fresh Healthbook app is seen to sync with iWatch. The notification center about which all iPhone users have been complaining from a long time has been also changed in this concept design of iOS 8. Lastly, though we are expecting some design tweaks in this OS but it’s going to continue with the flat icon design.

Healthbook app is going to be the main highlight of iOS 8 which is supposed to have many sensors whereby it will be possible to monitor a person’s health and provide him/her with vital data. Though no confirmations have been made by the developers, but we are still very optimistic.

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We have been hearing rumours about iOS 8 from a long time and when we these features actually integrated in the next generation iOS, we feel absolutely overwhelmed. We are super excited about the surprises that WWDC is going to bring before us when Tim Cook actually unveils iOS 8 in the month of June. Until then let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!!