iOS’s latest 8.2 Is Expected To Take Care of All Bugs and Errors


Apple’s latest mobile operating platform iOS 8 was launched in 2014 and it was being used in iPhones and iPads that were launched this year simultaneously. However, pretty soon users started complaining about the various issues and bugs that often came in conflict with the proper functioning of this operating system. After rolling out the first version of iOS 8, Apple developers also came up two other versions iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1.2 which has undoubtedly stabilized this OS and fixed many problems but there are still some problems with which the Apple developers have to deal.


After being is use for quite sometime, developers have a comprehensive idea about all the problems and attempted to resolve all the bugs with the launch of the latest version of iOS i.e. 8.2. This version of the software has been already developed by team of engineers working in Apple and floated the same to developers for the final test. We are not really sure about the exact date, on which this software will be released and available for update on Apple gadgets, for we are pretty sure that it will be available soon. This time Apple’s developers have fixed quite a number of issues which include dealing with the message bug, so rest assured that conversations are not going to take eternity to open up and other major problems. One the most commendable update that all of you are going to see in iOS 8.2 is the WatchKit software that will allow users as well as developers to come up with app that can be synced with Apple’s iWatch.

Apple users would need the assistance of Over The Air or iTunes to sync in the latest updates in their iPhones or iPads. All the users are certainly going to get a notification for updating the existent software, or else they can also go to Setting to check for updates (Settings>General>Software Update>Ok).

The last iOS update i.e. iOS 8.1.2 is available for installation in almost all Apple gadgets starting from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to all the versions of iPhone 5, iPad Minis, iPad Air, iPad 2 and even the 5th generation iPod touch. So install it now!!