iPhone 6 to come with Lightning USB cable, reversible at both ends


Fold the pages of web to read anything about iPhone 6? If that’s so, folding today has landed to interesting story. The latest news about the upcoming iPhone 6 is that it may come up with lightning USB cable that’s reversible at both ends. Plans for bringing reversible USB cable were revealed a few days back.


We have got a multitude of rumors that claim iPhone 6 will come up with Lightning USB cable with its both ends reversible. It’s something pretty interesting for all Apple lovers, as the demand for such type of cable has been up in the air for a long.

Have a look at the photo of the USB cable that has just emerged out. As you can see, the cable has got floating centre.

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Sonny Dickson, an Apple tipster based in Melbourne, Australia, has posted a pic that shows the cable with both of ends completely reversible. So, plugging the cable does not require you to have any concern about side.

Just as you have in USB 3.1 Type-C connector, reversible USB port will be there in new cable, which will make the plugging work simple and fast. This is to likely to be available from next month on wards.

If the experts are to be believes, the USB 3.0 technology will be used by the cable. So not only the reversible feature, but there will more than it in the new cable. More than one reason to curiously wait for the cable to come.

Some of you might already know that Lightning cable was launched by Apple in 2012, along with the iPhone 5. It was very first cable to get easily plugged into smartphone or tablet. The new cable is said to launch along with iPhone 6 on Sept. 9.

The upcoming USB 3.0 cable will have support for HD audio, which directly means that you will be able to upgrade and connect the Apple’s earphones through the lightning port itself. So, no need to use the standard headphone jack, which is quite tedious task.

Lightning cable MFi specifications for headphones were rolled out by the company in June, this year. It’s likely that the manufacturers are nowadays making the headphones to have support of getting connected through charging port.

The web world is full of rumors about the iPhone 6. The upcoming Apple smartphone is likely to come up with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch size variants. The latest rumors even suggest that Apple is looking forward to use Sapphire to make displays. The production of this hard material on a large scale has started already.


A8 processor and better camera features are what experts believe to get in iPhone 6.

Craze for any soon-to-launch Apple device is nothing new to see. But this time, the craze is at its peak. All are waiting Apple to unveil this much awaited smartphone, that is going to happen in few coming days. Stay connected with us to get latest happenings in this matter.