iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Unveiled Today


After so much of speculation and conjectures in the past months, the next generation iPhones were at last unveiled today and Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iPhone 6 is the “biggest advancement in the history of iPhones”. As we were expecting two versions of iPhones was launched today, firstly the 4.7inch iPhone and secondly the 5.5inch iPhone plus. Tim Cook mentioned that bigger displays are not only the main USP of their flagship gadget, but these products are “amazing” in all other respects.


As discussed earlier, iPhone 6 comes in two variants i.e. the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch model. Even the smaller of these two models is bigger in size than the iPhone 5S that was released last year. Even we can see some prominent changes in the design of these two smartphones. By the first look of iPhone 6 we can definitely say that its design is being inspired by the looks of iPad Air and iPad Mini. The side curves of iPhone 6 clearly reflect the similarity. It was announced in today’s event that iPhone 6’s screen has a retina HD display with a screen resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. Therefore, there are going to be 326 pixels in every inch of the display along with a wide angle view. Though it was said that iPhone 6 is going to come with scratch resistant sapphire display but in today’s event it was just mentioned that the screen in “ion strengthened”. This gadget is only 6.9mm thick, therefore making it the thinnest of all Apple gadgets.

Apple iPhone 6

Both versions of iPhone 6 gadget are powered by A8 processor which the developer claims runs with a speed 25% faster than the previous generation processor, though it is smaller in size in comparison to A7. The developers also claimed that this processor is much more efficient in comparison to its competitors as it does not generate a lot of heat resulting in declining the performance of the phone. The A8 processor comes along with M8 motion co processor that helps in increasing the performance of the phone. M8 have the capability to distinguish between running and cycling. It also has the capability to count the number of steps the user climb. It was also announced that iPhone 6 will offer 14hrs of talk time, 10hrs web browsing and 11 hours video playback time.

The next generation iPhone 6 also supports LTE advanced which promises a speed up to 150Mbps. Moreover, it also supports new technologies such as VoLTE, carrier aggregation. The wifi of the phone is being also upgraded and now it is three times more efficient in comparison to the previous phones and it supports features like wifi calling on some carrier like T-Mobile in US.

iPhone 6 has the same pixel strength as that of iPhone 5S i.e. 8MP, however a new sensor is being used in the phone that ensures to enhance picture quality. Along with these come a f/2.2 aperture lens and dual LED flash camera. iPhone 6 is also integrated with optical image stabilizing capability. However, an absolutely fresh technology that is being integrated in iPhone 6’s camera is the autofocus system whereby the pixels in the image sensor can focus on the object quickly. Thereby, face and smile detection has become much easier in comparison to the previous phones.

The video capturing capability of iPhone 6 has been also increased a lot. It can shoot 1080p video at 30 to 60 frame/ second. Whereas the slow motion feature now support 120 to 240 frames/ second. The secondary camera of the phone has been also improvised. A new sensor has been integrated along with a brighter f/2.2 aperture which allows 81 percent more light to enter through the lens.

From now on, iPhone is also going to support Pay Mobile service. A NFC chip is being provided in iPhone 6 which supports cashless transactions to take place easily with the help of specific credit cards. For authenticating the user of the credit card, TOUCHID sensor is being used. The developers are of the opinion that nearly 22000 retailers are going to use this service which includes major food chains like McDonalds, Sunway and many more. After some time this service will be also available along with various apps so that the consumers find it easier to make purchases.

The operating system that is being used with iPhone 6 is iOS 8 and thus comes a number of benefits like HealthKit service and better integration with third party apps.

The users will have three color options while buying iPhone 6 i.e. gold, silver and grey. This phone will be available in stores from September 19th and retailers will start taking preorders from 12th September. On contract with various carrier the 16GB model will be available for 199$ and the 64GB and 128GB phone will be available for $299 and $399 respectively. By the end of 2014 iPhone 6 will be available across 115 countries of the globe.