iPhone 6 release date set for Oct. 14? Apple hopes to touch 80 million sales count


So, everybody is excited for Apple iPhone 6? Well, not only you, the maker itself, Apple, is also quite interested, and is doing everything possible to make it major hit. Apple wants the iPhone 6 to cut the heat of competitions that’s being delivered by multitude of Android devices. As per the reports coming now, Apple is likely to release this much awaited iPhone device on October 14 this year. So, just after the announcement of iPhone 6 in September month, it will finally be available in the stores in October.


As per report of MacRumors, the iPhone 6 is going to be center of Apple’s pretty busy schedule that includes the future launches of other devices like  Macs, iPads and rumored iWatch.

As per source cited by MacRumors in its report, iPhone 6 launch event will be held by Apple on September 16. This will tell what users will be getting in next iPhone device. And, to actually enjoy the features, they will have to one month more. On 16th, it’s Tuesday, which makes us have a little doubt on this report, as Apple usually released device on Friday. This helps Apple enjoy a peak in sales graph on weekend.

If we talk about the previous reports, Apple will be launching iPhone 6 on September 19. Since Apple is yet to announce the official release date, so we just can’t be certain which out of the rumored two dates is actually going to turn right.

If we take rumors anything to go with, Apple will launch 5.5-inch variant of iPhone 6 which will make Apple enter in the world of phablets. The experts believe that this size variant will help Apple attract the customers who demand big size and for this reason, like to buy Android devices. The rumors claim that 4.7-inch model of iPhone 6 will be launched in September month while the 5.5-inch model will launch in October month.

Talking about the features: 64-bit A8 processor, Improved fingerprint sensor, iOS 8, improved camera quality are some we know from rumors.

As per recent report of Wall Street Journal, Apple is expecting to touch the whopping sales count of 70 to 80 million units. The report claims that for the launch, Apple has ordered the said number of units of iPhone 6. Last year, for  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, company ordered only 50 and 60 million units. So of course, Apple is expecting a growth here despite the much craze for Android devices.

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