iPhone 6 All Set For Price Hike On Release


The rumors have always been at their best pace before any Apple device hits the market. Same is the trend with much awaited iPhone 6, which is likely to be Apple’s next smartphone. As the release date for this much anticipated smartphone of the year is coming near, the rumor mill is catching new fire. Apple is expected to wrap off the device on Sept. 9. Apple analysts, fans and bloggers are doing their best to come up with maximum possible information about the device before it’s brought to the audience by Apple itself.


While the tech world of web is all full with articles about what could be possible features of iPhone 6, there is very less info available online about the pricing factor of this device. Although the price is something big factor in deciding if it’s worth opting for a particular device or not, still those generating rumors, making claims, have been found less or no interest in it.

iPhone 6 price hike coming

As per the reports are coming in, this iPhone device is highly likely to be most expensive iPhone till date. This is indeed something to bring sadness among Apple fans, but this is bitter truth, hard to swallow, but must be swallowed. Of course, high price tag will impact a small, if not big, portion of Apple’s audience.

So far, Apple’s releases have been with price tag of around $199 on-contract. The report of Huffington Post says that there is likely to be a jump in it for iPhone 6. The on-contract price for iPhone 6 is likely to be $299.

Apple’s high overheads

As per the sources close to Apple, the hike in price tag is not something Apple will do to see big profit bar, but something that company must bring. One major reason for this necessity is that premium materials are what Apple using to make iPhone 6. Screen made up of  Sapphire Glass will be there in iPhone 6, which also will play a role in taking price tag to high count.

Apart from the premium material and Sapphire screen, Apple is expected to bring A8 processor in its upcoming smartphone. Inclusion of this chip directly means that the making cost of iPhone 6 will be more than its predecessor, and this impact will obviously appear in the price tag of final product reaching customers’ hands. Apple has always brought big upgrades in its latest devices, but have always maintained to make that happen without affecting the price tag. But the experts believe that this time the upgrade will be done at the cost of increment in price tag, as the new upgrades will impact Apple’s bottom line directly. To bring the balance, Apple will be asking more money to consumers.

If the price hike is indeed going to happen, then it’s likely that the rumors about two size variants of iPhone 6 may finally get a stamp of approval. Two variants will help Apple keep the customers with low budget in its business. So, we expect one variant to have all major upgraded in it, which will cost a high price tag, and other variant to have almost-same price tag as of the current iPhone. Depending on one’s budget, one can easily opt for any of the two iPhones.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, bigger battery in iPhone 6 may become yet another reason of its higher price tag. Apple fans have always complained bad battery performance of iPhone devices. Apple’s biggest competitor Samsung offers devices with good battery backup. To cut the competition and the complaints of users, Apple must bring improvement in the battery part, and bigger battery in iPhone 6 is the solution to it. Sadly for users, the improvement will come at cost of more money.

We expect one variant of iPhone 6 to cost $199 entry price, and other to cost more than it. Of course, this is just what we expect, not something that will surely happen. So take it with pinch of salt.

By the way, if you are looking forward to buy iPhone 6, and then be ready with money in your pocket. If the price hike actually happens, then you may need more money with you than what you were expecting. As you know that price of old iPhone usually finds a big drop a few days before release of latest iPhone, so before that drop comes for your existing, why not take fast step and sell it off right away? Soon the retailers will be announcing price cut in the current iPhone devices. Before that happens, sell your iPhone device, so that you will have to least burden to get iPhone 6 in your hands.

iPhone 6 to feature NFC

Let’s keep sad news of possible price hike on one side. What’s in the good part is that iPhone is likely to feature NFC. The feature has been rumored to be part of Apple’s devices’ feature-set for past two years, and eventually, it’s going to happen. This feature will help Apple step-in mobile payment system, and as per the experts, it will be big boon in the said system.

Are you excited to see what Apple brings in iPhone6? Will hike in price change your mind of buying it? Drop your answers in the comment section.