iPhone 6 Release Date, Price, Features News and Rumors

iPhone 6 is next big what Apple will bless us all with. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple is doing its best to make it biggest hit ever. Seeing the competition is tougher than ever before, we expect some pretty amazing features in this upcoming Apple smartphone. While we are yet to hear anything official regarding the device, we are full with rumors and news. These rumors and news do not give any clear image of what we are going to get in iPhone6, but still, we get a pretty good idea about the possible features in the upcoming Apple device. If you are a die-hard Apple fan, then you will surely love reading all those iPhone 6 related news and rumors. To bless you with one stop spot for that, I’m here with article that covers everything about iPhone 6- news, rumors, release date, price. Just keep reading ahead.

iphone 6
iPhone 6

Bigger Screen

Out of all rumors coming in, the most interesting ones are that point to bigger screen in iPhone 6. Even Apple has agreed that users nowadays want bigger screen in smartphones. The love of people for big screen smartphones is quite clear from the ever-increasing demand of big-size Android devices. To compete with them all, Apple must bring increment in the screen size.

As per the recent report of Business Insider, one prototype of Apple iPhone 6 has Retina+ IGZO display. Such display would deliver 1080p screen resolution. The prototype suggests the new form factor having no Home button it. An iPhone device with no Home button in it! Pretty interesting, no?

One side of rumors suggest that Apple could two variants of next iPhone device which will differ in screen size. Recently, pics of 4.6-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones were leaked. We believe that 4.6-inch screen size with full HD resolution would be perfect to get in next iPhone device. It will surely satisfy the users. Quite interestingly, while many rumors suggest the same what we believe, a few suggest Apple working on 1704 x 960 display resolution.

Recently, in Hong Kong, Apple employees said that the next iPhone smartphone may come with QHD resolution. This screen resolution is what you get in LG G3. With such an impressive display quality in iPhone 6, Apple will be able to compete with all of its rivals proudly.

Few days back, we heard news regarding problems coming in Apple’s way in continuing the production of 5.5-inch iPhone devices. If the problems are actually being faced by Apple, then of course, we all will have to wait for long to have our hands on such a large iPhone device.

To cut the long story short, we strongly believe that we should treat majority of rumors with same tale as something reality going to be followed in the near future. Considering that, 4.6-inch iPhone 6 device is likely to happen.

Unbreakable Display

As per the multiple rumors, Apple is all set to use the sapphire in its next iPhone device. If this happens actually, we may get unbreakable display in iPhone 6.

In Camera glass and Touch ID sensor cover, Apple is already using the sapphire. Using the same in display making will help company reduce the display-related complaints that it receives daily from many users. Of course, it would be interesting to see how company will keep the iPhone’s price tag in control after using costly sapphire for display making.

Recently, a video has been posted showing iPhone 6 display. The display shown in the video is bent between two hands. Of course, no one has claimed in the video that the display is made up of sapphire, but things are easily understood here. Gorilla display is not that hard that can resist the force that comes by bending it between two hands. The video shows unbreakable display which is possible only if sapphire is used for it.

There is yet another video showing the strength of iPhone 6 display. To prove it effectively, it’s been attacked with keys, a knife and more. As per Neil Alford, professor of department of materials at Imperial College, London, the material used in the display shown in video is none other than the sapphire glass.

In third video, the screen has been attacked with sandpaper, which leaves bad impact on the display. As per the experts, there would not have been any bad impact if the screen was of pure sapphire. So, what follows from this video is that we may not get display made of sapphire glass in Apple iPhone 6. Something, that contradicts what we have learnt from other videos. Maybe wrong or right, but we just can’t neglect it, can we?

As per the latest report of  LEDinside, Apple is not at all interested in using Sapphire glass for its upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone.

Design of iPhone 6

As per the multiple rumors- iPhone 5C sequel, an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 XL will be three size variants of upcoming iPhone device. The latter of these three will be meant to help Apple compete with Android devices that come with phablet-like size, especially those that come from the house of Apple’s toughest rivals like Samsung.

Recent Apple’s patent for liquidmetal 3D printing suggests that we may get a completely new ‘more’ premium outer part in the next iPhone smartphone. Premium look is the major reason why Apple is still the best for many. Company would love to please its users by delivering ‘more’ premium look.

Of course, just like other parts, we have rumors here with completely different tale to yell. Whether it comes with ‘more’ premium look or not, one thing that is sure that Apple is working to make iPhone 6 the thinnest iPhone smartphone ever. This only factor can help company a lot in cutting the heat of competition.

We’ve got many leaked images so far that suggest slimmest ever design in iPhone 6. Recently, we’ve had a leaked image that displayed grey iPhone device. So, maybe we get grey color option in the upcoming Apple smartphone.

One notable thing in this leaked image is Apple’s logo cut-out. Maybe Apple is looking forward to bless it with embed NFC or wireless charging. Of course, there could be some other reasons too. Quite likely, it’s done by company to add radio-transparent area in the device, which will improve the reception.

Thing plastic logo of Apple was shown in the recently leaked images. This suggests us that next iPhone device will light up to alert users about the new notifications.

As per recent rumor, iPhone 6 will have curved display at its edges. As per the experts, this is what majority of Apple fans would like to see in next iPhone smartphone. So, if this actually comes in iPhone 6, it would be a big plus in device’s feature-set.

66mm wide and 7.0mm thick are the dimensions we expect to see in iPhone 6. Some rumors point to these dimensions.

Unbox Therapy recently posted a video which shows fifth generation of iPod Touch (6.1mm thick) put in case meant for iPhone 6. In terms of thickness, the device fits perfectly in the case. So, this video can be treated as yet another evidence suggesting super slim design in Apple iPhone 6.

As per the rumors, 5.5-inch size variant will be called iPhone Air. This device will help Apple give a tough competition to Android devices of this size range.

Recently, a dummy iPhone 6 was shown in leaked pic. In that pic, it was place along side with iPhone 5S. That picture suggests a slime and much rounded iPhone 6. This is exactly the same which majority of rumors claim to happen in the upcoming Apple device.

Not only the dimensions, but the change is in terms of Power button too, which as per rumors, has been moved to side of device. In the larger iPhone smartphone, it would indeed make sense. But still, we can’t claim it as something ‘surely’ going to happen. Who knows it gets proved as ‘fake’ later on?

In the dummy images posted by 9to5Mac, the device is shown in gold, silver and grey. Here too, the design is much rounded, and has power button on the side. Exactly in tune with the previous images.

There is another leak in the series. This leaked image yells completely different and interesting design. In it, Apple logo has been removed, which makes the device to light up in the same way as Macbook does.

Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin posted a photo recently in which he is holding iPhone 5S and one another smartphone which he claims to be iPhone 6. You might remember that picture of iPhone 5C was posted by him ahead of the launch. Who knows that the device he claims to be iPhone 6, may actually be the iPhone 6. Only the ticking time can answer it correctly.

So far, many images have been leaked, but most of them point to same design, the design which we have talked about so far. One more evidence comes in the form of images posted by Sonny Dickson. The leaked pic two iPhone devices having different sizes. Maybe these are iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch size.

KitGuru posted a picture which he claims to be of finished iPhone 6. Of course, there is no way to verify if it’s genuine or not, but still, KitGuru is the same which posted genuine iPhone 5’s picture back in 2012. So, it may prove right, once again.

NFC and Touch ID

As per report of idownloadblog, there is likely to get NFC feature in iPhone 6. Apple recently partnered with China UnionPay so as to add the banking service to Passbook. NFC is required to make payments on China UnionPay’s QuickPass machines. So, to make it happen, NFC feature is highly likely to see in iPhone 6.

Many Android devices do come with NFC feature and users literally love it. Apple has been behind in it so far. It seems company would like to compete in this part also, and would like to start from the iPhone 6 by making it NFC rich. Of course, the users will get pleased if this actually happens.

As per the multiple rumors, Apple is making the sensors more durable which will work as return of Touch ID. The photo shared by ASCII.jp shows two sensors that give us idea about iPhone 6 Touch ID. The top one is from iPhone 5S, while we can’t be sure of which is the bottom one. What? Of iPhone 6? Yes, highly possible, but we just can’t be assured at the moment.

Health Features with iOS 8 

With iOS 8 running in it, Apple iPhone 6 will work as your personal health assistant, better one than previous iPhone devices. The highly rumored HealthBook is finally there in iOS 8. Wait! A slight change in the name is there. It’s present in iOS 8 with the name ‘Health’. This is meant to make iOS 8, and hence iPhone 6 more health friendly.

You can sync the data of health monitoring applications with it. So, by doing that, this app works as one stop spot to see all your health statistics like calories burnt, distance covered etc.

iPhone 6 Power

‘Power’ is major factor that decides worth of a smartphone. As per the multiple rumors, Apple iPhone 6 will come up with dual-core chip clocked at 2GHz speed or even better.  20nm manufacturing process will be used to make it. What it means is this chip will be better than 28nm processor in every aspect. So, be ready to have your hands on something better that you ever had in previous iPhone devices.

We are yet to get more news about what could be RAM in iPhone 6, but as per few rumors that we have received so far, it would come up with 1GB RAM. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is likely to be available in 64GB memory variant.

As per report of IT168, 1800 mAh battery will be there in 4.7-inch iPhone 6 smartphone. 2500 mAh battery will be part of 5.5-inch variant. Apple knows the importance of battery life in smartphone’s features set. The company is looking forward to provide a longer battery backup in iPhone 6. It will surely help gain more sales than it ever did.

Camera of iPhone 6

As you might already know, Apple recently bought the sensors from Sony. We are likely to see iPhone 6 with new 13MP sensor. Apple showcased new editing features in iOS 8. So, photography enthusiasts are surely going to be pleased with iPhone 6’s camera part.

The China Post, citing  country’s Nomura Security, claims that Apple will bless iPhone 6 with 8MP camera only. So, forget to see 12 or 16MP in the next iPhone device. By the way, I don’t believe the megapixel count matters, does it?

If we take recent rumors anything to go with, Apple has just signed up to use a new material which will help the company to bring improvement in the quality of light trickling.  As per that, Apple may use 10MP+ camera sensor in the upcoming Apple smartphone.

As per the latest reports, the camera will come with  f/2.0 aperture. It will let you take better quality pictures than you ever did with any of your previous iPhone device. Of course, lowering the MP count will leave impact from the marketing prospective, but from the image quality prospective, there would be positive change only, a change that will surely be welcomed by every user with pleased mind.

As per chief analyst at ESM-China, Sun Chang Xu, 1.75 um pixels will be used in iPhone 6. Since company is likely to increase the pixel size, so no need for it to increase the megapixel count, as far as the image quality is concerned.

Apple Insider recently uncovered Apple patent in which the iPhone has been shown the capability to control illuminating devices remotely. This feature would bring pro feature in the Apple iPhone 6’s camera.

As per report of  Sun Chang Xu on Weibo, Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) will be there in iPhone 6. This technology will help users click high quality pics.

New Name

As mentioned already, the 5.5-inch variant is likely to be called iPhone Air. It’s likely that Apple will give it a new name so as to differentiate it from 4.7-inch variant.  The name iPhone Air also suggests that this big size variant will be slim and light.

Wireless Charging

If the report of CP Tech is to be believed, a patent has been filed by Apple for efficient wireless charging. Apple is looking forward to make wireless charging mainstream.

While the talks about Apple working to give a push to wireless charging are going on, we don’t thing we will get in iPhone 6.

As per a new rumor, iPhone 6 will likely come up with improved haptic feedback. With this feature, the device will give different vibrations depending on the part of screen you touch, or application you use.

As per a new patent, in the next iPhone devices, users will be able to adjust the volume by taking it away from ear, or bringing it close. Of course, we may not find this feature in iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Release Date

As per the multiple rumors, we will have our hands on iPhone 6 in September this year. The last few iPhones were launched in Septemeber, and brought good money for the company. Seems, Apple does not have any mood in experimenting any new release pattern.

As per the report of  ifun.de, the Septemeber holidays of employees employees at German Apple Stores have been restricted which gives the idea of release of new iPhone device in that month.

As per the experts, Apple will launch two iPhone devices this year. 4.7-inch variant in September, and 5.5-inch variant in fourth quarter of this year.

There are rumors that suggest release of both iPhone devices in the month of September. Of course, such rumors are pretty hard to digest, but we simply can’t neglect them.

Apple has increased the production speed so as to make the release of iPhone 6 possible in September month. Apple is working faster than ever before, as company has high hopes of selling more units than it ever did of any previous iPhone device.

iPhone 6 Price 

First thing first, iPhone 6 is not going to be any cheap smartphone for sure. It must not come as any surprise to you, as Apple devices have never been cheap.

As per many analysts, Apple will try to cut down the production cost as much as possible, but still, it won’t be able to lower the price tag, however, on the contrary, it would need to increase the price by $100 so as to keep handsome profit share.

Price hike in 4.7-inch iPhone won’t be welcomed at all. The competition is high already, and hike in iPhone price will bring the competition even more tougher for Apple.

As per the recent reports,  £500 for a 32GB handset is what you will have to pay. Quite likely, the 5.5-inch variant will see a high price hike.

Final Words

Apple iPhone 6 is going to be big hit for sure. Till it gets released, we will surely be getting more rumors and reports. To keep ourselves on the side of smart people, we should not believe any rumor, news blindly even if it’s highly trusted too. It’s better to digest everything with pinch of salt, as who knows we may get a completely different iPhone 6 device that what rumors are saying?